Do I Need Invisalign? Seven Issues Invisalign Can Treat

Invisalign Treatment

  Excited to start your Invisalign journey? Book your complimentary Invisalign consultation for May to start Invisalign treatment during Invisalign Week: June 6-10, 2022, and take advantage of special savings and perks!   When you smile in the mirror, what do you see? If you glimpse crooked or misaligned teeth and you want a straighter, […]

Testimonial: Tamera Mullaly

Shoreline Dental Studio Team

We see many San Clemente locals at Shoreline Dental Studio, and are fortunate enough to touch many lives providing a level of care that help make our patients feel comfortable in spite of past experiences they may have had. Read on to learn how compassionate dentistry changed Tamera’s world for the better!

Invisalign:  What You Need to Know

  While we all desire a beautiful smile, many people still don’t seek help for overcrowding, gaps, or crooked teeth. Why? They are apprehensive about traditional braces. However, Invisalign are far from the braces your parents wore. Invisalign is the modern solution to straightening your teeth with no unsightly or uncomfortable wires. Instead, they are […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Getting Invisalign

Are you considering Invisalign treatment for yourself or your child? If so, it is best to be prepared when you visit your healthcare provider. You will probably discuss many aspects of the treatment, and it can be easy for you to forget some of the questions about Invisalign that you want to ask. Taking a written or printed list with […]

Why Choose Invisalign

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful, healthy smile. It paves the way to better professional and personal relationships while promoting your self esteem. Invisalign provides you with comfort while straightening your teeth, and these clear aligners are invisible, which can be a real confidence booster. While many people consider tooth alignment a teenage issue, adults […]

Teeth Straightening for Adults

Have you noticed that your teeth are no longer straight in spite of having had braces as a child? You’re not alone! At Shoreline Dental, we’ve seen many adults whose teeth have shifted as they’ve aged. This can happen for any number of reasons, from failing to wear your retainer properly to natural changes in jaw […]

Get Bridal Ready with Invisalign

Recently engaged? When planning for your walk down the aisle, don’t forget to plan for your smile makeover. Between pictures, seeing old friends, and staring into your partner’s eyes, you’ll be smiling so much on your wedding day that your cheeks will ache! You want to look your best on your wedding day, so use […]

3 Ways to Make This Year Shine

It’s finally arrived– the new year! Here at Dr. Ritzau’s office, we’re celebrating the beginning of 2015 with excitement, support, and preparing to deliver the most beautiful smiles in our community yet! Looking to start off the new year on a brighter foot? Check out our top 3 ways to make this year (and your smile) shine brighter […]