Oral Appliances

One of our goals is to provide the most conservative treatment possible in every situation. Oral appliances offer simple, non-invasive care for a variety of conditions. Regardless of the application, every appliance we prescribe is custom-crafted for you with excellent fit and function.

Appliances designed on models of your teeth can be used to fit on either upper or lower teeth, or on both at the same time. Whether we’re treating nighttime sleep grinding, diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea, bite problems or jaw joint disorders, appliance therapy may aid our treatment. Our Shoreline dentists employ a variety of innovative designs depending on treatment goals and your preferences.

Teeth are the hardest substance in our bodies and can withstand a tremendous amount of force. But damage can occur to this highly mineralized surface, especially when grinding forces start to wear it away. A habit of nighttime clenching or grinding will harm teeth, muscles, and jaw joints over time. Protecting against abrasive forces is critical in these cases.

Our teeth continue to shift throughout our lives, sometimes in response to stress, teeth grinding, or other triggers. If you’ve just finished your Invisalign® treatment, the last thing you want is for your teeth to shift out of place. That’s why we recommend Vivera™ retainers for our patients to help maintain your beautiful smile.

If you are just starting to consider straightening your teeth, a retainer is a great way to ensure that your teeth don’t move any further out of position while you decide whether orthodontics is for you. The retainers are tailored to your mouth and gumline and are durable enough to withstand teeth-grinding.