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We see many San Clemente locals at Shoreline Dental Studio, and are fortunate enough to touch many lives providing a level of care that help make our patients feel comfortable in spite of past experiences they may have had. Read on to learn how compassionate dentistry changed Tamera’s world for the better!

Photo provided by Shoreline Dental Studio

Photo provided by Shoreline Dental Studio

My name is Tamera Mullaly, and I would like to share my personal experience as a client of Shoreline Dental Studio.

To say I was a ‘fearful’ patient is an understatement. Lack of dental care as a child made me unfamiliar with the procedures, and lack of insurance as an adult, simply put, left many issues that would need to be addressed. Including, most importantly to me, the lack of a molar I had pulled more than 30 years ago. I remembered in detail getting that tooth removed, not having been to many dentists, I had no idea what to expect and quite frankly had a very horrible memory of that experience. Just having to go to the Dentist gave me extreme anxiety. I also mastered a minimal smile~ hoping no one would notice that gap.

Then I found Dr. Ritzau and her warm and personable staff at Shoreline Dental Studio. After assessing the condition of my teeth, she discussed in great detail, her intentions for giving me my desired result- healthy teeth, emphasis on the prevention of tooth loss. Beyond a Deep cleaning, can you imagine, she had to talk ME- fearful ME- into having a tooth removed! After admitted trepidation, I scheduled my appointment and we began my journey. I completed my Invisalign in April of last year, and the results of that exceeded my expectations. We replaced the tooth she removed almost immediately with an implant. Fast forward to now- she gave me another implant- filling that gap I shamefully hid for 30 years-and finally-I have all my teeth again. That moment brought me genuine tears of joy.

Dr. Ritzau is a brilliant Dentist with a kind and caring demeanor. This, combined with the professional and attentive staff that supports her, has made my personal experience a positive one, changing forever my view of the dreaded Dental Appointment!

More than that— I can SMILE and LAUGH as much as I want now!


Photos Provided by Tamera Mullaly

Photos Provided by Tamera Mullaly

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