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When you hear the word “Botox” the first thing that might come to mind is cosmetic treatment for the worry

There’s something a little unsettling about hearing, “Looks like you’ve got cavities!” So how can you achieve excellent oral health

With Spring break and summer just around the corner, it’s easy for your family to go overboard on sweet treats,

A healthy diet isn’t just about losing weight and building a strong foundation. It also can help improve your smile.

The thought of going to the dentist is sometimes too intimidating for most people. For whatever reason you need to

Taking proper care of your dental hygiene is more than just something your parents made you do growing up. It

National Dental Hygiene Month Did you know October is “National Dental Hygiene Month?” It is honor of dental hygienists who help

What is a Toothache A toothache is a common dental issue that many people experience during their lives. It presents

National Gum Care Month September is designated as the National Gum Care Month making it the perfect time to review

Maintaining your oral health doesn’t simply start and stop with brushing. While proper brushing is vital to keeping your teeth