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Traveling Dental Tips: Keep Your Teeth Healthy on Vacations

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Summer is the perfect time to get out on the open road and enjoy the time and weather. Of course, when away from home, you don’t always have the same access to all of your home oral hygiene products. So what should you do to keep your teeth healthy while on vacations? Here are a few travel dental tips to practice to ensure your smile is always looking, and feeling, its very best.

Eating Healthy

One of the best ways to keep your smile looking fantastic is to watch what you put in your mouth. When traveling your diet can often go by the wayside, but by making a few simple adjustments to how you eat, you’ll cut down on cavity potential. This really comes to a head when dealing with snacks. Sometimes you just pick up what is closest and easiest. Instead, plan ahead and bring healthy snacks like fruits and veggies. Your entire body, including your mouth, will thank you.

Road Trips

On the road for an extended road trip? If so, when you stop at a rest area to use the bathroom, bring your travel brush with you. Long drives likely mean you’re eating in the car. Should you have to rely on less desirable snacks, it is important to brush earlier on, before the sugar can get to work on your teeth. Not only will you protect your mouth but you’ll feel so much better after the quick brush.

Long Flights

Sometimes you don’t have any real options for brushing your teeth, such as on long flights. You might be able to get up once or twice to brush, but even moving around a plane can be problematic (especially when traveling internationally). Pick up some, disposable mouth brushes. These are small, discrete, and can help clean your tongue and the rest of your mouth. It won’t replace brushing, but it helps when in a pinch.


There really is nothing like getting out of the house and enjoying the beauty around you. This doesn’t mean you need to put your dental health at risk. By following through with these provided traveling dental tips, you’ll keep your teeth healthy, no matter where you go or for how long you visit. When you’re not on the road or in the air, make sure you’re scheduling your regular dental checkups.

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