TMJ, or temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder, affects over 10 million Americans. This is more than the entire population of Finland! This disorder is commonly caused by exhaustion of the muscles, grinding of the teeth, or chronic stress on the body. Unfortunately, many common TMJ sufferers have TMD, which affects jaw function. Many people with TMD cannot properly chew because the temporomandibular joint is not functioning properly. Finding relief from this painful disorder can feel impossible, especially when your daily life is affected by TMJ/TMD.
Informing our patients is a top priority, including how to prevent unnecessary issues with having TMJ/TMD. The long term dental damage it can do can be prevented with proper treatment. Check out the 3 preventable TMJ/TMD problems you can solve with the help of Kristen Ritzau DDS:

Nighttime Grinding

Many TMJ/TMD sufferers have nighttime grinding issues which can lead to a sore jaw and headache upon waking up in the morning. By having a proper night guard fitted and created just for your jaw shape and size, you can prevent the damage to your teeth (and your nerves) when wearing it.
Of all the TMJ/TMD issues, this one is the best first choice because it tackles the issue when you are asleep and unable to try alternative forms of treatment.TMJ-Treatment

Stress Induced Pain

Feeling stressed? It will exasperate your symptoms if you’re not aware of it! Look into stretches and exercises to alleviate pressure and strain on the jaw with the help of Kristen Ritzau DDS. This proactive measure to retrain the body to hold less pressure from stressors can improve your overall experience of pain over time.

Check for Arthritis

It is a small chance, but checking for arthritis when you have TMJ/TMD can give insight into why you are experiencing so much pain. By holding strain and pressure on the jaw when you have arthritis, the pain will be more intense and can elevate your symptoms to be extremely uncomfortable.

We offer many forms of treatment and care for TMJ/TMD and are available to help you or your loved ones with this painful disorder. Call us today to schedule a treatment consultation with Kristen Ritzau DDS: (949) 234-6850

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