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Keep Those Pearly Whites Bright

By January 4, 2016February 9th, 2024No Comments

So you’ve taken a leap of faith and decided to whiten your teeth to gain a brand new, crisp smile. Now what? After putting time and effort into those pearly whites, you want to ensure your smile will continue to stay just as bright and beautiful as the day you finished your treatment. Keep these things in mind to maintain your new, white smile.

  1. Pay attention to your toothpaste

Using the right toothpaste can immensely help to keep  your smile in tip-top shape. You want to make sure the toothpaste you’re using isn’t too abrasive, which can do greater damage by eroding your enamel. Look for a toothpaste that contains fluoride that can help in strengthening teeth. If you choose to use a whitening toothpaste, try to refrain from using it every day. Whitening toothpastes typically contain abrasive ingredients that can be too harsh if used daily. Buying the right toothpaste is one thing, while using it is another. Remember to brush and floss your teeth regularly! This can make a huge difference in removing little stains after eating and drinking.

  1.  Avoid consuming staining foods and beverages

Time and time again, we caution against consuming strong teas, coffees, and wine,  but we know this can be difficult. When it comes to beverages, try using a straw to minimize the amount coming in contact with your teeth. You can also swish your mouth with water after consuming staining beverages as a quick fix, but if you have the time and opportunity, brushing your teeth thirty minutes afterwards is the best option.

  1. Get touch-ups

Teeth whitening procedures aren’t permanent. If you’re looking for that type of solution, read more about porcelain veneers here. However, when it comes to keeping
your teeth white and bright, consider getting teeth whitening touch-ups every
6 months after a year or more of having your teeth whitened. This will depend on your lifestyle and how quickly your stains reappear.  For example, those who smoke or consistently consume foods and beverages that stain teeth may need touch-ups more often.

If you’ve already whitened your teeth, remember to maintain proper oral hygiene to maximize your results. If you’re considering whitening your teeth, there are many options out there. Whether it’s DIY, at-home methods, or getting them whitened by a professional, you should always consult your dentist beforehand. Sometimes looking for a quick fix to whiten your teeth can often do the most damage, so it’s always better to be preemptive in researching the best method for you. At our studio, we offer Zoom! Advanced Whitening for in-office treatments, which are great for whitening your smile in little time. If you prefer at-home whitening treatments, we also offer kits with custom molds (hello, Netflix and whiter teeth!). Whichever your preference, Come visit our office for a teeth whitening consultation to find out how we can best fit your needs.

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