You know early habits will set your children up for future oral hygiene success, but getting them excited about brushing is tough! Rushed mornings are never the right time for a battle, and there are enough tantrums at bedtime without adding an extra step.

But you can’t just ignore it. Cavities in children are extremely prevalent, and could be prevented with better dental hygiene habits. 42% of children ages 2 to 11 have had dental caries in their primary teeth, and 23% of those are untreated. In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, we offer these helpful tips for brushing success.

Get a fun toothbrush

Probably the simplest way to get your child excited about brushing is to get them a fun toothbrush. Try their favorite color, their favorite character, or even let them pick out their own. They’re more likely to get excited about brushing their teeth because they were involved in the process.

Get Involved

If your child can tie her own shoes, then she has the dexterity to brush her own teeth. Otherwise children often need a little help. Be available to assist with reaching the back teeth, and flossing when needed. You can even make brushing a family affair by brushing together!

Make It Into a Game

Download one of the numerous apps that turn brushing and flossing into a game. Many have music and timers, and your children can even collect points every time they brush. Play around with different ones until you find the one that works best for your child!

Make it a Routine

Routines are your friend whenever you’re teaching new habits to your children, and the same goes for brushing. Whether it’s right when they first wake up, or just after dinner, make sure you work brushing into your routines, so your children know when to expect it.

Lead by Example

Take advantage of their eagerness to be just like you! Show your kids just how dedicated you are to your own oral health, and it will increase their likelihood to follow suit.

Even though baby teeth aren’t permanent, they’re important to the development of healthy gums, permanent teeth, and dental hygiene habits. Sometimes you need reinforcements! If you’re having trouble getting your child excited about brushing, bring her in to Shoreline Dental. We’ll share even more techniques with you, and reinforce what you’ve been teaching.

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