Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it’s certainly not your dentist’s favorite holiday! From chocolate, to taffy, to bubble gum, those sugary treats are not great for your teeth, or for your overall health. This year, let Halloween bring a clean, white smile to your face with these healthier treats.

Peanut Butter-Dipped Apples

Caramel and candy apples are a classic Halloween treat. It’s not the apple that’s the problem; it’s the sticky caramel or red candy that can pull away fillings and cause tooth decay. Apples dipped in peanut butter are an equally tasty alternative to serve at your Halloween party. Look for a natural, no-sugar-added peanut butter.

Orange-Tinted Popcorn

Instead of handing out candy at the door, hand out little baggies of orange-tinted popcorn. It’s sugar-free and high in fiber. Just add a few drops of food coloring to the butter or olive oil you toss the popcorn in. Wait until the popcorn is cool before dividing it into baggies so it does not get soggy.

Jack ‘O Lantern Grilled Cheese

Use a knife to make eyes and a mouth in a piece of whole wheat bread. Then, use this bread and another slice to make a grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese will be visible through the eyes and mouth, creating a jack ‘o lantern sandwich that’s high in tooth-healthy calcium.

Mandarin Orange Pumpkins

These are a cute, healthy treat to set out at a party. Peel some little mandarin oranges, and stick thin sticks of celery into the hole in the top to make them look like pumpkins. The vitamin C in oranges is essential for healthy gums and for protecting against infections.

Witches’ Broom Pretzels

Slice a few mozzarella cheese sticks in half, and then slice partway into the ends to make them look frayed like a broom. Insert a pretzel rod into the non-sliced end of the cheese stick half. Secure the cheese to the pretzel rod by tying a fresh chive around it. Kids will love these at Halloween parties, and they’re a good source of calcium.


Eating less candy and more of these healthy snacks is a good way to protect your teeth this Halloween. If you do eat some candy, remember to brush your teeth afterwards! Schedule a checkup and cleaning appointment with Shoreline Dental to ensure your teeth are still in good health after this exciting holiday.

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