We all know how important it is to have strong, healthy teeth, but tend to forget when the holidays come around. We’ve compiled a list of some seasonal fall foods to incorporate into your Thanksgiving meals this holiday to strengthen and support those pearly whites, and which ones you should avoid.


Best Foods for Teeth


An apple a day will keep your teeth… clean! Apples can help clean out other food particles in your teeth by causing more saliva production. Not only are they great for keeping your mouth fresh, they are strong in both calcium and fiber which helps support strong bones.

Greek Yogurt

Here it’s all about the calcium and protein packing a powerful punch in this yogurt. Greek yogurt is also filled with probiotics, which are great for slowing bacteria that causes cavities. Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you can’t find delicious ways of incorporating Greek yogurt into your diet.Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to test out a new recipe. Try subbing out butter and cream, for Greek yogurt as a way to thicken up your mashed potatoes. You may just find a new family favorite that everyone can indulge in without feeling guilty!


Not only is this vegetable in full bounty during the season, but it’s fantastic for maintaining healthy teeth! Both pumpkin and squash are filled with magnesium, which helps promote bone density. Great on its own, or even better as a side dish, pumpkin is a promising candidate for healthy teeth.

Foods to Avoid

Watch out for Sugar

Eating more apples and pumpkin may be great for teeth, but not when combined in sweet pies and pastries that are popular on Thanksgiving. While you’ll be feasting for the day, the bacteria in your mouth will be too as they thrive off sugar that stays in your mouth. As always, moderation is key. Remember to brush afterwards to prevent cavities.

Sticky Foods

Foods that tend to stick to your teeth, even dried fruit, can be harmful for healthy teeth because they stay on teeth longer. Dried fruit often has a lot of natural sugars that can be just as damaging to your teeth. Next time you reach for that trail mix, just be sure to rinse with water afterwards.

Dark Drinks

We all love that early morning cup of joe that gets your buzz going, but too much coffee might not be the best thing for your teeth. Coffee can contain tannic acids that wear down enamel and stain teeth. Simply try to limit your intake and be aware of how it affects your teeth.

Take advantage of the seasonal produce this fall as an opportunity to bump up the health of your teeth. There are some great ways to incorporate these foods into your Thanksgiving recipes that everyone can enjoy, as well as some to watch out for. If you are ever concerned about the state of your teeth, come visit Dr. Ritzau at Shoreline Dental Studio.

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