Whenever you have bleeding gum, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, do not worry about oral hygiene because it does not relate to your overall health. We have always heard these statements coming from various people, haven’t we?

Is this true? No!

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, we have tried to tackle some of the dental misconceptions throughout time. Therefore, pay attention, because what you may assume to be true, could just be a misconception.

1. Bleeding Gum? That’s No Big Deal

Bleeding gum is one of the most wrongly interpreted aspects of matters related to oral health. You need to understand that bleeding gum indicates something is wrong. In fact, healthy gums never bleed unless you are flossing or brushing aggressively.

A bleeding gum is indicative of gingivitis or even a gum disease. If you do not seek medical care, gingivitis can end up to be periodontis and as a result, loss of teeth.

2. Baby teeth aren’t important

Many people think that if a baby’s tooth falls, or a cavity forms, then it isn’t a big deal. Baby teeth are crucial, as they ensure the place the permanent will develop is prepared thoroughly. In fact, if the baby teeth fall out too early, or in case they decay or get infected, the natural removal and placement of the permanent teeth will be disturbed; this will result in huge dental problems as years go by.

3. Root Canals Are Very Painful

Many people say root canals are super painful when, in fact, they are not a big deal. This misconception holds water before the procedure happens. In fact, those with root canals would tell you there was little or no pain at all during the process. Root canals are used to get rid of the pain resulting from deep decay or an infection.


Do not allow these common dental misconceptions to keep you away from attaining your goal of a healthy, and strong smile. If you hear any dental tale that you think may not be true, then do not hesitate to ask your dentist. They can provide you all the tips on keeping your teeth healthy, as well as relieve any unnecessary doubts and fears. Get all the dental facts right this April Fool’s Day and reward yourself with healthy teeth!


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