Porcelain veneers work wonders for refreshing a smile. In contrast to orthodontics, they transform how teeth look quickly and with minimal discomfort. Placed on the front surface of the teeth, they can transform your smile in a flash.

But are you wondering, does it looks like you have fake teeth with veneers? Some might picture a too-big, too-bright celebrity smile that overwhelms the face. It’s a legitimate worry if that’s not the look you want. But the good news is that getting a natural look is possible. What’s more, the doctors at Shoreline Dental Studio are experts in natural-looking veneers — so you’ll still look like you but with a more confident smile.

Why Do Some Veneers Look Fake?

Fake-looking veneers can happen, usually because of several missteps by a cosmetic dentist in the planning and execution. What are some of the most common errors?

Too thick: Thick porcelain veneers can appear too opaque. The best-quality options are paper thin and have a slightly translucent quality that mimics real teeth’s nuanced structure. You see, real teeth are composed of slightly transparent tooth enamel over solid dentin that is thinner at the edges.

Too white: Real teeth aren’t blinding white, so veneers with an overly brilliant white hue look unnatural. Though tooth enamel starts white, it’s not a bright white, and the yellow dentin also shows a little. Plus we should also mention that everyone’s tooth color is different since the thinness of tooth enamel varies from person to person based on genetics and oral health. So, fake porcelain teeth that are blinding white should be avoided.

Incorrectly shaped: Teeth are like fingerprints — everyone’s teeth are unique to them. So, if the shape of the veneers doesn’t match a patient’s tooth shape, the result looks fake. The same goes when they don’t share the same proportions as a patient’s real teeth. They should sit comfortably in your mouth without impinging on the gum.

Unnaturally spaced: It’s true that porcelain veneers are a great solution for closing gaps between teeth. But there’s a fine balance with spacing: real teeth have a tiny space between them — think about ease of flossing. If they’re placed too tight against each other or too close to surrounding teeth, they can contribute to the impression that some teeth don’t quite belong. Your veneer placement must be done with care to achieve a natural look.

Can veneers look natural?

So, we’ve talked about reasons veneers can look fake. Thankfully, that’s not the end of the story! They can also look very natural. The first and most important step in ensuring you get a subtle, realistic enhancement? Entrust your smile to doctors experienced in porcelain veneer treatment — like your expert cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo and San Clemente. Dr. Ritzau and the Shoreline Dental Studio team will ensure natural-looking veneers that complement your face and teeth.

Second, our client-centered, compassionate approach and precise protocols are designed to ensure natural-looking results. Cosmetic dentistry patients who walk into our Mission Viejo or San Clemente office receive the following: 

  • Thorough diagnostics with high-tech equipment
  • Precise treatment planning 
  • Custom veneers made to fit your smile only

In addition, our doctors take the time to listen to you, taking into account your concerns and goals for your new smile. Of course, we also consider your actual tooth color and skin tone to determine a natural-looking white hue, as well as the shape and proportion of your original teeth for overall aesthetic harmony.

Third, you can be sure your smile will look natural by seeing what they’ll look like beforehand and having the opportunity to suggest adjustments. How do you get this preview? With Digital Smile Design — a service at Shoreline Dental Studio that allows you to see a 3D digital rendering of your smile with veneers and try on a facsimile of them before the real thing. 

Last, we opt for the highest-quality materials and partner with the best labs to ensure the crafting is perfect. Whether you opt for “no-prep” or traditional veneers, you can expect beautiful results.

Get a Dazzling Smile With Your Orange County Cosmetic Dentists

Still trying to decide whether or not porcelain veneers are for you? Or still wondering, “Do fake veneers look like real teeth?” Yes, there may be plenty of fake-looking pretenders out there, but rest assured, a natural-looking smile is possible. With an experienced dentist like the team at Shoreline Dental Studio, there’s no fear of fake teeth with veneers. Schedule an appointment with us and get the natural-looking smile boost you want.

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