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Dental emergencies happen. From playing recreational sports to slipping and falling outside, you can never fully prepare yourself for such an event (although it is another reason why you should wear a mouthguard while partaking in physical sporting events). So what happens when you chip a tooth? Some of it does depend on the severity of the chip, but with the help of a San Clemente dentist like Shoreline Dental Studio, all of your oral needs will be covered.

Chipped a Tooth?

A tooth chip occurs when a bit of your tooth chips off. From biting down on a fork to slipping and falling, the tooth chip will likely catch you off guard, and it may hurt a bit, but chances are it isn’t yet an emergency issue. Chipping your tooth doesn’t usually put the tooth itself in any kind of danger. However, you should still make an appointment to correct the tooth. Your dentist will be able to remedy your tooth without an issue. Additionally, the dentist can carry out X-rays and other procedures just to make sure there isn’t additional structural damage. Sometimes, you may actually need a root canal if the impact to your tooth actually killed off the nerve endings and damaged the integrity of the tooth.

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is a completely different story. A chip in the tooth is a blemish and often looks worse than it really is. A cracked tooth on the other hand poses serious threat to the overall health of the tooth. If not cared for right away, the crack will continue to splinter and the entire tooth itself will eventually suffer catastrophic problems, including the possible need for extraction. In order to save the tooth and to prevent anything more severe taking place, you need to come into the dentist office right away. While on your way, avoid putting any kind of pressure down on the tooth as it may cause additional fractions within it and other nearby teeth.

From chips to complete cracks down your tooth, it is important to move quickly in order to address your dental issue. The San Clemente dentist team at Shoreline Dental Studio is here to assist you with all of your dental, both emergency and regular, needs. So stop by the office for any emergency needs or feel free to set up an appointment online at the Shoreline Dental Studio website.

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