A damaged or broken tooth can dramatically affect your quality of life. It can cause difficulty with eating, change the way your smile looks, or both. So what can you do to return to a well-functioning, lovely smile? A zirconia dental crown is a great option, one that brings your tooth back to health, functioning, and looks natural.

But what is a zirconia crown? In this post, the cosmetic dentistry experts at Shoreline Dental Studio will explain what you need to know when considering a zirconia crown. 

What Is A Zirconia Crown?

Simply put, a zirconia crown is a dental crown that uses the highest quality porcelain called zirconia dioxide. A crown is placed onto a broken or damaged tooth and is designed to look natural and bring back full functionality. 

A zirconia crown is a long-lasting solution for a tooth that has experienced significant damage or is weak because of cavities, heavy bite forces, injury, or even wear and tear from everyday use. 

A dental crown can:

  • Protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • Hold parts of a cracked tooth together
  • Restore a broken or worn-down tooth
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Cover severely discolored teeth that won’t whiten with other treatments
  • Change the look of a tooth

Dental crowns can restore one tooth, many, or all teeth and can be paired with dental bridges if you have missing teeth. The strength and durability of a zirconia crown makes it ideal for back teeth, the ones that take a significant amount of pressure when you chew. 

Other Types of Dental Crowns

Shoreline Dental Studio offers patients zirconia crowns vs. regular porcelain or other materials because of zirconia’s strength and durability. But if you were wondering, other types of dental crowns come in:

  • Metal
  • Stainless steel 
  • Composite resin
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM)
  • Zirconia with a layer of porcelain over top

Some of these types of dental crowns — like stainless steel — are typically used for temporary crowns or crowns for kids’ baby teeth.

The Process of Getting a Zirconia Crown

Getting a zirconia crown is straightforward. And from start to finish, the Shoreline Dental Studio team ensures a precise and personalized experience with results worth smiling about.

Step 1: Diagnostics, Examining Your Teeth, and Designing A Zirconia Crown Treatment Plan

Our team takes the time to get to know you. We talk about your dental goals and answer your questions. We ask you about your medical history, take digital x-rays, and perform a comprehensive exam. 

Comfort is always a priority at Shoreline Dental Studio. We know dental anxiety is not uncommon so if you need to feel more relaxed during your treatment, we offer options like sedation dentistry and a comfort menu with soothing items like music, eye masks, and neck pillows.

See A Preview of Your New Teeth With A Smile Test Drive

At the first appointment, we design your zirconia crown treatment plan. We also file and shape your tooth so your dental crown will fit seamlessly on top. At Shoreline Dental Studio, you also have the opportunity to see what your new teeth will look like with our Smile Test Drive digital technology, giving you peace-of-mind about your results before they happen.

We’ll then place a temporary crown to wear for about 2-3 weeks while a master lab technician crafts your real crown.

Step 2: Getting Your Zirconia Dental Crown Bonded Into Place

Once your real dental crown is ready, you’ll come back to our Mission Viejo or San Clemente dental office. First, your dentist will “try in” your crown to make sure it’s the perfect fit and appearance. Then your crown is cemented into place. A few minor adjustments to your bite, a final polish, and you’re ready to chew and smile proud once again. 

Taking Care of a Zirconia Crown

Because zirconia crowns look, feel, and function like natural teeth, you take care of them just as you would real teeth. The tooth below the crown is still susceptible to tooth decay so make sure to practice diligent oral hygiene like brushing twice a day, flossing once, and using an antibacterial mouthwash for extra cleaning. 

But do zirconia crowns stain? You’ll be happy to know that zirconia crowns resist stains better than our real teeth. But just like our natural teeth, zirconia crowns can stain over time from lots of coffee, red wine, or smoking. 

How Much Does a Zirconia Crown Cost?

Zirconia crowns are the most durable dental crowns with a price that reflects their longevity. And every dental crown treatment is personalized and comes with a unique cost. Some insurance providers cover a portion of it, too.

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