Wouldn’t it be great if you could know for sure what your new smile will look like after cosmetic dental treatment? That the commitment to a new smile will result in a perfect outcome? It is possible. At Shoreline Dental Studio, we offer our patients a glimpse into their dental future with guided treatment and Digital Smile Design. Whether veneers, crowns, or dental implants, guided treatment is that final step in helping our patients move through their cosmetic dental treatment with confidence.


So what exactly is guided treatment? Here, we’ll cover the top 3 things to know about guided dental treatment with Dr. Kristen Ritzau and your Orange County cosmetic dental team.


1. What is Guided Treatment?

Simply put, guided dental treatment is utilizing digital and 3D printer technology to ensure you receive precise treatment for your cosmetic dental procedure. At Shoreline Dental Studio, we use guided treatment planning as a final critical step in our Digital Smile Design process. 


Using your digital treatment plan, we generate 3D printed surgical guides (hence the name “guided treatment”) that fit over your existing teeth. These guides help your Shoreline Dental Studio dentist expertly perform your cosmetic dental procedure with increased accuracy in accordance with your treatment plan. 


2. What is Digital Smile Design?

So if guided treatment is a step in the Digital Smile Design process… what exactly is Digital Smile Design? How does digital smile design work? Digital Smile Design is a process for ensuring you receive the highest quality care and the smile you’ve always wanted. It consists of 5 Smile Makeover Standards that utilize technology and allow our patients to participate as more active collaborators in planning, seeing, and approving their cosmetic dental treatments.


Let’s walk through Digital Smile Design’s 5 Smile Makeover Standards:



Using the latest diagnostic dental technology, we take quick and painless digital scan of your mouth. We also take digital photos, x-rays, videos, and do a bite analysis. All to record a full impression of your dental anatomy. We also chat with you about your treatment goals and wishes for your new smile.


3D Facial Design

Your Shoreline dentist designs your custom smile in digital 3D. But it’s not just your teeth and mouth we consider. We measure your facial proportions and create a smile that creates harmony with your face, lips, teeth, and gums for natural-looking results that complement your features. 


Digital Treatment Planning

Whether you’re getting veneers, crowns, or dental implants, your San Clemente and Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist works with specialists to plan your treatment digitally with Digital Smile Design software. Then you get to see a digital preview of your treatment options. Together, we go over the options so you can make a fully informed decision about your treatment plan.


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Smile Test Drive

Many of our patients find this part of their cosmetic dental treatment the most exciting… apart from the final reveal, of course. At this stage, you come in to see a real, 3D mock up of your new smile over your teeth. We take a few pictures that you can then look at on our big screen. You’ll see a Digital Smile Design photo of your new smile and a simulation of your treatment plan on a 3D model of your mouth. Feel, see, and say a final “yes” to your smile before it’s even begun.


Guided Treatment

The 3D model we print and fit over your teeth acts as a guide for implementing your new smile. Guided treatment is essentially the last step in cosmetic dentistry treatments and is used at our office for procedures like:


You’ll be pleased to know that Dr. Ritzau and the team at Shoreline Dental Studio is a Digital Smile Design Certified Provider. With us, You can rest assured you’re receiving expert cosmetic dental care every step of the way.


3. Benefits Of Guided Treatment for Cosmetic Dentistry

There’s really no downside to guided treatment when getting dental implants, crowns, or veneers. Here are some benefits to think about:


Safety – Guided treatment acts like a roadmap to direct your treatment. That makes your procedure efficient and precise, with no room for error on the part of your dentist.

Comfort– Because we have an exact plan to follow with guided treatment, we can better schedule appointments that work with your treatment plan and your schedule. Sometimes this even results in getting your new smile sooner.

Reliability and Predictability – Treatment guides that follow the treatment plan you approved means you’ll get the results you were expecting from your Smile Test Drive.

Minimally Invasive Procedures – Guided treatment allows us to keep as much of yoru natural tooth structure as possible while achieving long-lasting, exceptional results.


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