Halloween is just around the corner and it’s a favorite time of year for kids of all ages. Among the ghosts and goblins, another thing about Halloween that’s downright spooky is the effect on your child’s teeth from all that candy, and your own teeth are at risk if you raid your child’s candy basket too much! Candy is definitely something that should be eaten in moderation and some kinds are worse than others. Here is the inside scoop about just how bad different Halloween treats can be for teeth and how you can prevent dental cavities this holiday season.
Gummy and Gooey

Gummy and gooey Halloween candy may be a perennial kid favorite, but it wreaks havoc on dental health. Not only do these types of candy contain damaging sugar, they are also more likely to get stuck between teeth, where cavities can form.

Nothing Sweet about Sour


Sour candy is another popular kid favorite, but you should limit it. Sour candy is more acidic, so it can wear down tooth enamel and make cavities more likely to form.

Delicious Dark Chocolate

When it comes to better choices for dental cavity prevention, you can’t really go wrong with delicious dark chocolate. The effects on teeth from dark chocolate may be relatively minor, especially if you brush your teeth soon after eating it, but the antioxidants naturally present in dark chocolate are great for your health.

Stock Up on Sugar-Free

Sugar-free candy and gum is as close as you can get to a guilt-free sweet that will have minimal damage to teeth. Another advantage to sugar-free gum and candy is that it will be safe for diabetics, too. Today there are millions of kids with type 2 diabetes.

Dental cavity prevention doesn’t have to ruin your Halloween. You can still feel good about allowing a few little indulgent treats, but choose wisely. If you’re concerned about the upcoming holidays and how they will affect your smile, give Kristen Ritzau a call today. She can help you keep your cavities to a minimum with regular check-ups!

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