Spring has finally arrived and ushered in warmer temperatures. The trees are budding, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming. Unfortunately, you or your family members may also be suffering with seasonal allergies along with that. A stuffy nose, watery eyes and a sore throat are typical symptoms, but did you know that tooth pain and sensitivity could also be signs of spring allergies?

When pollen and other allergens are ingested into the body, via the nose and mouth, the body’s immune system reacts by trying to remove them. The body produces an overflow of mucus and this is when adverse symptoms come into play. Excess mucus can cause severe congestion plus postnasal drip, and the mucus membranes of the nose can become inflamed. This can result in sinus pressure, a sore throat and tooth pain.

Sinus pressure can affect the sensitive maxillary sinuses, which are positioned by the roots of the molars. This is what makes the teeth feel sore. Along with the pain, you may also experience tooth sensitivity. For example, consuming foods that are too hot or cold might feel uncomfortable in addition to soreness.  It’s also important to rule out other things that could be causing the pain.

Sinusitis is an infection that presents similar symptoms as seasonal allergies, but so can a host of other tooth-related problems. Cavities, loose fillings, tooth decay and gum recession can also cause oral discomfort.

To rule out these other problems and pinpoint the exact cause of irritation, it’s always a good idea to make an appointment with your dentist. Whatever the outcome, we will be able to quickly assess the issue and offer an effective treatment option!

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