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Following Easter, of course it would be appropriate that our “Patient of the month” for May to be a bunny owner! Meet Kristen the proud parent of two, 12 pound French Lops. I visited her at her place of employment: Avante Health Solutions to surprise her with balloons and a personalized gift basket including organic carrots for her rabbits.

It is clear that Kristen is an animal lover. Kristen was originally interested in the French Lops breed when she saw them on Pinterest. She remembers seeing this huge rabbit being held by a little boy, and it immediately peaked her interest. After quite a bit of searching, she was able to find the only French Lops breeder in California, located in San Jose. They are house trained, potty trained and they greet her at the door when she comes home for the day! Not only does Kristen own these fabulous bunnies, but she recently adopted a kitten who showed up at her door. Can you say Dr. Doolittle?


Kristen has a love of the outdoors and can be found training with her mountain biking team on the weekends. She does endurance riding covering an average of 50 miles at a time! She even took 2nd place in the hardest race in Orange County, “Vision Quest” in 2017. If you know anything about mountain biking, it starts from Black Star to the peak, and then back down Holy Jim, and up Trabuco. In total, the race is 55 miles and 13,000 feet of climbing! The team she trains with is called “Venture Outer Zone” and consists of 50 members.


Dr. Livingston is currently correcting Kristen’s bite using Invisalign, and Kristen is thrilled with her progress. She suffered from a cross bite and crowding which caused TMJ discomfort and Periodontal problems. She had thousands of dollars worth of repair work due to her high buildup. We were the first to say that instead of it getting worse you can maintain it. Every three months she comes in for her cleanings and every 6 weeks for her Invisalign appointments. Her gums are now pink and healthy, and her smile is brighter. Her TMJ is getting better and she attributes her beautiful smile to the diligent work of her Hygienist Adrienne, and to Dr. Livingston. She describes Shoreline Dental Studio is a “Friendly and cozy environment where they know your name when you walk through the door, and for that reason Shoreline deserves to be named the best for customer Service in San Clemente”.

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