Feeling nervous about an upcoming dentist visit is common, but for some people, this can quickly turn into full-blown anxiety during their appointment. To help these people feel calmer and less fearful, Dr. Ritzau offers sedation dentistry. This involves the use of sedatives that allow dental patients to feel relaxed. This practice also provides a number of other benefits. sedation-dentistry-san-clemente-ca
Dental Problem Prevention

People who fear going to the dentist often put off making an appointment for regular cleanings. In some cases, they don’t end up seeing a dentist until they’ve developed a severe problem, such as a toothache or gum inflammation. Thanks to sedation dentistry, these people are more likely to have routine cleanings and exams done, which goes a long way toward preventing or reducing the risk of serious dental problems.

More Pleasant Experience

Patients who undergo sedation are much less anxious during their appointments. Whether they’re having a routine cleaning or a tooth extraction, this feeling of relaxation results in a much more pleasant visit for the patient.

Fewer Appointments

Certain types of dental procedures require a considerable amount of time to complete. This means that patients have to come for multiple appointments or endure a lengthy appointment that can cause a lot of discomfort. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for patients to undergo these longer procedures in one sitting without experiencing significant discomfort.

Less Anesthesia

The sedatives given to dental patients provide them with a higher pain threshold. Since they can comfortably handle more pain, little anesthesia may be used. This depends on the type of procedure being done, since some are much more invasive than others.

The benefits that sedation dentistry provides help encourage people to get the dental care they need. This is an important step in preventing serious dental and other health problems down the road. Contact Dr. Ritzau today to schedule a consultation: 949-498-4110.

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