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Is Invisalign Right For You?

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Invisalign San Clemente
Many people dream of straight, beautiful teeth without all the fuss. Finally, dental technology can deliver with Invisalign. There’s no need for painful procedures, awkward meal times or unsightly bits of metal. Correcting a smile doesn’t have to be painful, tedious or unsightly. Here are some of the benefits of Invisalign as compared to traditional braces:

  • Invisalign corrects a variety of problems including crooked teeth, crowding, overbite, under bite, cross bite and spacing issues.
  • The average cost compares directly to the average cost of braces.
  • Aligners can easily be removed for brushing, flossing, eating or for those special occasions.
  • Metal braces can cause mouth sores, irritation and pain. With Invisalign, patients will feel only the smooth, comfortable plastic.
  • Invisalign Teen is specifically designed for teenagers and includes up to six free replacements if lost or damaged.

Aligners are custom made using 3-D technology to fit each client’s mouth. As time progresses and the teeth begin to move toward correct placement, clients switch to a new aligner. This modern way of teeth alignment suits patients of all ages, from teens to adults.

Invisalign produces the results everyone wants: a beautiful smile. Perhaps the best part is that many will not even notice. There’s no reason to live with oral issues that will continue to get worse if left untreated. Contact Dr. Ritzau, San Clemente’s Invisalign specialist, for a consultation today: 949-498-4100

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