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Invisalign vs. Braces

By September 22, 2014February 9th, 2024No Comments

Having braces is a popular, widely used form of dental care in America. With 6 out of every 10 Americans having had braces in their lifetime, correcting the disruptive conditions that come with crooked, improperly placed teeth is vital. Not only do we exude and feel more confident about ourselves when we have straight teeth, but other people we interact with perceive straight teeth as an attractive trait. However, choosing braces as a dental treatment can be abrasive and difficult to manage with all patients. Are there any other options to getting straight teeth without all the excess metal and mess?
We’re setting the record straight and finding out which is better: Invisalign or braces?

Round One: Ease of Use
Invisalign is a braces alternative that gently realigns teeth to their ideal placement through thin, plastic molds that sit over the teeth. These ‘incremental retainers’ as they are called work efficiently and quickly to adjust minor teeth placement with less pressure.invisalign-vs-braces Braces are typically for more drastic teeth straightening. Teeth are pulled further back, while others are pushed forward during monthly adjustments. If it sounds like a lot, it is time consuming. The pressure and pain that follow after receiving braces can be intrusive, so numbing gels are recommended to soothe. Winner: Invisalign

Round Two: Price and Cost Effectiveness
The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics reported that the average set of adult braces costs $4,800. If it sounds like a pretty hefty payment, check out the average cost of Invisalign.
When going the clear route, finding something affordable while still having the braces feel less noticeable can feel challenging. With the average cost being $5,000, your wallet may feel much lighter. If you’re looking to completely change your teeth while still saving some money, braces may be the answer.
Winner: Braces

Round Three: Attractiveness
Invisalign has a clear advantage in this round because it is barely detectable by others. You can easily brush and floss your teeth as well, which benefits overall dental health. It’s thin and light, making your experience easier.

Braces are heavy-duty, in more ways than one. The wires and metal pieces can be obtrusive to eating and often are distracting to others. It’s more difficult to clean teeth and special brushes are needed to combat the metal.
Winner: Invisalign

Whether you’re looking to adjust your smile or brighten your teeth, visit Dr. Ritzau to transform your smile!

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