In our continual effort to offer our patients the cutting edge and safest dental equipment, we are pleased to announce that the office of Dr. Kristen Ritzau has made a significant addition in the acquisition of the Nomad Pro X handheld radiographic device.
The addition of the Nomad Pro allows the dental office to become fully digital in its radiographic capabilities improving work place safety and efficiency for both staff members and patients alike.

Kristen Ritzau San Clemente Dentist NomadUnlike traditional wall mount X-Rays systems, handheld system operators of the Nomad Pro are able to remain in the room with the patient while taking X-rays improving the efficiency and reducing the amount of time to complete a set of full mouth X-rays.

The Nomad Pro is also much safer than traditional wall mount X-rays because it emits lower levels of radiation and exposes both operator and patient to up to 8 times less than traditional units.

Our staff has found the Nomad Pro to be very easy to use, and they have also seen a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes to complete a full set of X-rays. They have also found that remaining in the room with the patient has been a source of comfort for concerned patients and decreases the amount of time patients must have the sensors in their mouth allowing our staff to acquire better radiographic images allowing for easier diagnoses for Dr. Ritzau.

For interested parties or prospective patients that would like more information, please don’t hesitate to call and current patients can ask about it at their scheduled appointment.

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