We are constantly focusing on how to refine, refresh and rejuvenate our looks in a world that’s realistically stressful, straining, and exhausting. That morning cup of coffee to help get you started during the day, or the occasions out with friends and slumping into bed after a fun filled night can contribute to our visible stress markers later in life. There is no fountain of youth that we can drink out of to prevent visible aging and decay, but there are simple cosmetic dentistry procedures that can counteract it.
Kristen Ritzau DDS understands the importance of a beautiful smile, and unfortunately, over the course of our lives the damage done to our teeth is harder to fix. Luckily, technology and intelligence have combined to create multiple options for those looking to make over their tired teeth and get back to the pearly whites we all deserve!

There are different cosmetic dentistry options for you depending on your budget, teeth condition, and many other factors. Kristen Ritzau DDS can help assess which option would be best for your smile during your initial consultation. Here are just a few dental procedures that can help you smile bigger:

Zoom Whitening: Quick, Affordable, Short-Term
Teeth whitening is the most popular procedure in the dentist’s office for unsightly teeth. The whiter our teeth, the healthier we appear. It’s no wonder that over 80% of teens and adults want to whiten their teeth, and teeth whitening products are more than a 1.8 billion dollar industry. It’s a quick procedure with a highly activated UV gel that whitens your teeth. In 15 minutes, after three sessions your teeth will be erased from years of coffee, tea, and dark yellow stains.

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Veneers: Transformational, Corrective, Investment
If your teeth are crooked, broken, or needing to be corrected, then consider veneers to care for your smile. Thin procelain sheets are placed above and around your teeth to reshape and restrengthen them so that they are protected while still appearing healthy and strong.

Enamel Shaping: Simple, Effective, Repairing 
If you have chips or slight bumps on the surface of your tooth, enamel shaping can successfully transform your smile. If a tooth has bumps, or one is more square than another, Kristen Ritzau DDS will smooth the bumps and create a symmetrical shape to the teeth. If a tooth (or multiple teeth) are chipped or missing small portions, then a resin is placed to fill out the tooth and bring your smile back.

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