It is that time of the year again. Holiday season! While you have every reason and the license to indulge, you need to pick your drink menu correctly. It’s common knowledge the ultra-sugary, caloric-packed peppermint mocha type drinks are no good for you. What we’re here to discuss is some of the other good and bad drinks around the holiday season:

Avoid These Drinks

Citric drinks: Refreshing and healthy? Yes. But not kind to the teeth. Oranges, lemons, and other citric are great for the body but ruin your enamel due to their acidic component. If you take the juice, do no brush your teeth immediately. Brushing can damage the already softened teeth.

Sweetened Iced Tea: Iced tea, on the other hand, is sugar loaded and have low pH which is not good for the teeth.

Soda: According to studies, enamel dissolution between consumption of regular and diet sodas is the same. Clearly, soft drinks cause more harm than expanding the waistline.

Eggnog: Also known as milk punch is popularly consumed in Canada, the United States among other countries during Thanksgiving and Christmas season. While Homemade eggnog is a healthier option, the commercially prepared ones may have spirits like whiskey and rum, which are detrimental to the teeth.

Liquor: Liquors vary in pH, but they all have drying effect. Since they dry up the saliva, your teeth are exposed to more harm. People drink alcohol slowly which gives it more time for damage.

Try These Drinks Instead

Water: Remember to take lots of water even during the festivities. Saliva is one of the crucial components that aid in overall dental health. It has protective minerals that protect the teeth against decay. You therefore need to take enough water to increase saliva production.

Milk: The calcium and protein components in milk helps protect your teeth against periodontal disease, and keep your jaw bone strong and healthy.

Hot Green Tea: Green tea is your best bet over the holidays. Besides its many other health benefits, it is great for the dental health as it prevents decay and improves gum health.

Black Coffee: If you skip the sweetener, the polyphenols found in coffee keep teeth strong and healthy. If you remember to rinse in order to avoid staining, this is a great holiday option!

There’s many options when it comes to drinks to enjoy around the holiday. In general, it’s good to avoid drinks that are sugary, citric, or alcoholic. It’s ok to indulge here and there, but make sure the majority of your holiday beverages are options that are good for your dental health. Remember, as you get your time off of work and school, it’s a great time to schedule overdue dental appointments.

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