Summertime is the perfect opportunity to get outside, enjoy the weather and just have fun. Of course, with all the bike rides and pool parties, you’re going to work up an appetite. While a nice burger, chicken wings or size of pizza always sounds great, these foods aren’t good for your overall, or dental health. Instead, here are a few great healthy summer snack options you can enjoy to keep you satisfied and energized at the same time.

Fresh Green Beans

Think about it. Have you really just eaten fresh off the steam green beans? Chances are, you typically eat it from a can or frozen bag. However, fresh green beans from the grocery store’s produce section are crisp and refreshing thanks to the water each holds. These give you a bit of a break from standard baby carrots, won’t cling between your teeth and are easier to chew.

Naturally Flavored Water

While we’re at it we should look at what you drink. While outside you’ll work up a sweat. However, you should avoid putting large amounts of sugar back into your body. Juices, sodas and most other beverages pump your body full of sugar, which is terrible not only for your physical wellbeing but your teeth as well. But what should you do if you want something a little more than water? Add your favorite fruits to a pitcher. You’ll have naturally flavored water, which will likely help you drink more water, keeping you healthy and hydrated.


Avocados are bursting with natural energy. You’ll find healthy carbs and fats inside avocados in addition to a host of vitamins. Instead of reaching for the sour cream or dip, swap it out for avocados.

Fresh Trail Mix

Instead of traditional trail mixes that are loaded with sugar and salt, add in berries, some non-salted nuts (almonds are great) and low-fat cheese. This way you’ll cut out the unnecessary sodium and eat healthy. The slight amount of salt in the cheese should suffice.


Summer is only a few months a year, so you need to take advantage of it while you can. To do this, you need healthy snacks that keep you active and full of energy, without sending you into complete nap mode. By keeping these healthy snacks at home, in the office or on the road with you, you’ll not only be bursting with energy but feel satisfied as well. Along with snacking better, make sure to schedule your bi-annual teeth cleanings!

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