February marks the start of National Children’s Dental Health Month andprovides great teaching tools for kids to learn about healthy gums and
teeth. Informative posters, games and activity sheets are provided free of charge
by the American Dental Society to drive the message home that good habits for
mouths begins at an early age.

Boy at the dentist

Regular visits to a pediatric dentistry office are important for children. Beingattentive to a recommended dental schedule keep parents aware of problems,
such as baby bottle tooth decay and gum disease. Because a child’s jaws and
teeth grow quickly, exams by a pediatric dentist like Kristen Ritzau DDS are
crucial to spot any abnormalities in their development. This routine also
reinforces a good habit in dental care as a child grows into adulthood.

Establishing a relationship with a pediatric dentistry office is the first step in
helping a child gain trust in the importance of healthy teeth. Kristen Ritzau DDS
and her team are dedicated to giving personal attention to each client and
providing a cheerful atmosphere. Located in San Clemente, California,
appointments are easy to make and the staff provides an award-winning firstimpression that will keep your little ones looking forward to the next trip.

Education is key in starting a child in the right direction and Dr. Ritzau provides
the latest techniques in pediatric dentistry. Make February the month for getting
your children on the right path to good dental health. The habits formed today
will start a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

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