As a parent, thinking of Halloween and the goodies offered to Trick-or-Treaters, it is your wish you had the power to compel your kids to forget the candy, especially now that Halloween is upon lurking around the corner. And every child is highly thrilled about it; perhaps because it is one of the blue-moon nights they get to stay up late.

As delicious as these sugary treats are, you should at times take a solid stand and say “no!” to the candy, for they are detrimental to dental health. Instead, you can prepare other healthy alternatives that still elicit a spooky feel while providing an exciting treat.

1. Offer Individually Packed Snacks

With kids, there is a psychological aspect of wrapping healthy snacks individually. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a Goldfish or fruity snack, assort them in lunch boxes for handouts. Visit big box stores and purchase an already-themed snack pack. Granola bars, pumpkin seeds, and cheese sticks can also be excellent treats for kids.

2. Halloween Popcorns

Fill Halloween-themed wrappers with tasty popping corns and add a bold, dark themed juice garnish on top to create a disgustingly delicious baggie for trick-or-treaters. Highlight its taste with homemade seasoning flavors like barbecue or ranch. Popping the corns is a fun activity that you can share with your kids.

3. Temporary Tattoos

It is no doubt that any kid will trade every piece of candy for a scary, ghoul tattoo. Tattoo stickers evoke spasms of excitement without any sugars. Not to mention they last longer than sticky candy.

4. Spooky Stationery Supplies

With school still in session, kids would love showing off their new school supplies with an embossed Halloween theme. Skeleton-bone pencils, skull and crossbones cases or bags are as cool as they are practical too.

5. Pocket Toys and Arts and Crafts Materials

You can hand out little portable toys that will keep kids engrossed in the car or at the playing field. These include finger puppets, inflatable mini balls, and mini yo-yos among others. Halloween-themed arts and crafts material are also an effective means to offer treats that makes kids forget the candy.

Getting candy out of your child’s mind during the Halloween festival is a struggle to many parents, not just you. However, if you aspire to be the cautious parent, then, instead of offering candy treats, provide healthy alternatives that will surmount a Halloween treat.

Regardless of all of the cool alternatives your’s and other’s kids may receive this holiday, there is still a strong likelihood that they’ll find their way into some sugary treats. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as it doesn’t happen too often, and everyone is caught up on their teeth cleaning appointments.

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