Mike initially heard about Shoreline Dental Studio through a friend/ Coworker, who said that going to the dentist was fun. “Fun? At the dentist?” he thought. But after 10 years of not seeing a dentist, Mike knew that he needed to come in on a more regular basis if he wants to keep his teeth.  Mike always keeps his appointments, and is never late. From day one his experience has been great. “It doesn’t feel like you’re visiting the dental office, it feels like going to see your friends! Everyone is so personable and welcoming as part of our community. I will continue to refer people to Shoreline Dental 100%!”

Mike likes to travel! His NYE resolution in 2018 was to get out of town once a month, so we got him a travel themed gift basket filled with things from the places visited recently. He is going to Thailand to visit family next month and is also planning a trip to the Bahamas!! Safe Travels Mike, and Congratulations on being selected as our “Patient of the Month”!

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Shoreline Dental Studio