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Dental Care is one of the leading causes of health anxiety and worry for children; so much so that, according to National Smile month, only 6 out of 10 children regularly visit their dentist. The key to healthy teeth lies in a holistic mindset: parents, dentists, and our kids all need a hand in building strong teeth for life. Prevent tartar, tooth pain, and dental issues by following this simple dentistry action plan for success:

Make it a family affair.

Kids are prone to follow suit with their parents and siblings. The next time you schedule your child’s dentist appointment, schedule yours as well. Talk about how important and healthy it is to visit the dentist, and why you regularly plan for your dental health. If you can make the appointments on the same day, so each of you can be there for the other, it’s sure to be a tradition your little ones will love.

Get to know the dentist.

Find something to chat with your child’s dentist or assistants about. If your child knows a unique fact about the staff on the team, it’s likely they will build a social connection with the act of going to the clinic. Do they have the same favorite animal as your child? Maybe their birthday is close to the doctor’s; find that positive association.

Clean your teeth to music.

Does your little one have a favorite song or television show? Find a song about 3-4 minutes in length (optimal length of time to brush) and play it every time! Choose a tooth brush with their favorite character, which can also make it more fun for them.

Keep it positive.

Should the issue arise where your child needs a filling or procedure done, avoid using negative language around the appointment. Instead of saying “your cavity is going to be fixed,” choose a phrase like “Dr. Ritzau is happy to give you a beautiful smile again!” Children remember and associate language quickly, giving that boost of confidence before you arrive to the appointment.


Our staff is proud to offer compassionate and individualized care for every patient, child and adult, who walk in. Together, healthy habits can be an easy obstacle to overcome with your children as they grow into their bright and beautiful smile. To speak with a member on our team about services or to schedule an appointment, call Shoreline Dental Studio today!

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