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Every year, children look forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny, complete with baskets stuffed with sweet treats, chocolates, toys and sugary snacks. While celebrating for special occasions is a healthy and natural indulgence, children are the most susceptible to tooth decay and damage after consuming candies. If they do choose to partake in a small amount of sweets, make sure the family meal that follows is extra healthy for teeth. Here’s some ideas for dishes that will make sure the family and friends are fed well, and has healthy teeth!

Dark, Leafy Greens: Spinach Quiche

When it comes to mineral rich foods, leafy greens can’t be beat! Packed with vitamins A, K and calcium, it’s hard to find a better tooth loving family of foods! Try this decadent Spinach and Spring Onion Quiche from Cooking Light to enjoy the Easter mood with fresh eggs and protein; the perfect temper to a sugar-laden day! Alternately, try an allergen free Tofu, Tomato and Spinach Quiche for all taste buds to enjoy.

Citrus: Orange Grapefruit Mint Salad

The health of our gums could be argued as more important than tooth health, because of the vital role our gums play in keeping our smile strong. The perfect punch to gingivitis and other gum issues lies in one simple group of foods: citrus! These vitamin C rich foods keep mouths happy and healthy. Kids love flavorful foods, especially fruits, so make a batch of this Citrus Mint Salad as a healthier alternative to sweets!

Cheeses and Nuts: Kid Friendly Cheese Dip

Phosphorus and Calcium are some of the most powerful allies in the fight against tooth decay. Give the kids an unforgettable Easter activity by making this Hot Cheese Dip with your little ones. Leave carrots, celery and cucumbers for dipping; your whole family won’t be able to resist this one!
For an allergen free recipe, you’ve got to try this Life Changing Cheese Sauce alongside crackers or bread.


This Easter, celebrate with equal parts enjoyment and health; by preparing these deliciously nourishing recipes to combat dental health, you’ll be sure to avoid the common pitfalls of tooth decay and caries. Visit our office to find even more inspiration and tips for healthy living and a brighter, stronger smile. Shoreline Dental Studio is ready to support you and your loved ones for life!

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