After many months of hard work, we are excited to finally make our big announcement!

Dr Kristen Ritzau is proud to release her new book Distinctive Dentistry: Obtaining an Unparalleled Dental Experience and a Healthy Smile for Life.

Patients and public alike are invited to attend her Book Release Party and Book Signing on Wednesday May 30th at 6pm at Shoreline Dental Studio. Appetizers and drinks will be served to those in attendance and raffle prizes will be given away. The books, which retail on Amazon.com for $14.95, will be available for $10 each and Dr Ritzau will be available to sign copies for guests.

In Distinctive Dentistry, readers will learn how Dr Ritzau and Shoreline Dental Studio set themselves apart from other medical related offices in terms of patient care, quality of service, and community engagement. Readers will we be educated on how they can best care for their own oral health at each stage in their life by gathering helpful information on common, age specific dental ailments.

Dr Ritzau found it important to share with the San Clemente and dental communities her practice philosophy, her inspiration for why it is important to provide quality care, and to help educate patients on what they can expect from their oral health and dental visits along the way.

It is also important to recognize that the journey has not been made alone. There are many people to acknowledge and thank. Her family has been part of the San Clemente for generations and has instilled in her a desire to care for those around her. Her team has bought into the vision she shares for the practice and the way to treat people. They have worked tirelessly through growing pains to make the vision a reality. Many number of mentors, coaches, and friends who have been an endless source of encouragement and inspiration. And of course we have to include all of the amazing patients. Patients have entrusted their care to her our team and that is something that is not taken lightly. Their feedback, positivity, and willingness to become part of the Shoreline Family is what inspires and challenges us to provide them the type of care we know they have earned and deserve.

Distinctive Dentistry: Obtaining an Unparalleled Dental Experience and a Healthy Smile for Life

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