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Easy Dental Tips for Traveling

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Whether you are traveling abroad or taking a road trip this summer, it is essential to take care of your oral health no matter where you plan to rest your head. These four tips will help you maintain a healthy smile while enjoying your holiday.
Make dental care items easily accessible

Buy a travel toothbrush that folds up or keep your tootbrush in a case in a bag, purse or pocket. Save travel-size toothpaste and floss from your dentist or buy them at drugstores and even airport kiosks. This way, you’ll have what you need when you want to brush your teeth during a bathroom break or after a meal.  You can also purchase pocket-size mouthwash to carry with you if you want your mouth to stay even more clean and fresh.

Pack extra oral care supplies     

Extra supplies come in handy if you run out or are traveling with children. If you are staying in a hotel and have forgotten supplies, some hotels stock disposable toothbrushes at the front desk. If you find yourself without toothpaste, brush your teeth with water. You will still be removing plaque and bacteria as long as you brush thoroughly.

Chew sugar free gum or mints

If you don’t have the opportunity to brush your teeth right after a meal, use treats like sugarless gum to stimulate the flow of saliva, which helps to cleanse your teeth. Bits of food will also stick to the gum and destroy harmful bacteria that can lead to cavities.

Bring bottled water for brushing

While on vacation you may indulge more than usual. There is more of a temptation to eat convenience foods and sweet treats or drink too much soda and alcohol. These items can attract bacteria and plaque so it is essential to brush, especially before bed. If the local water isn’t safe to drink, it probably isn’t safe for oral care either. Use bottled or boiled water instead. It is also a good idea to carry bottled water with you to stay hydrated and combat dry mouth.

Good dental care doesn’t have to go out the window when you’re on the move. If you make the effort to follow your regular oral hygiene regimen, a beautiful smile will travel with you wherever you go. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment before your next long trip!

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