Dental Implants

Are you in need of having a tooth replaced? If the answer is yes, you will probably benefit greatly from having a dental implant, and that is because this procedure is something that is highly recommended by dentists for this kind of oral issue. What are some of the most asked questions where dental implants are concerned? Please do read on to find out more. They are as follows:

1. What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a threaded screw which is made of titanium. The screw is made strong enough to have a post placed inside of it. The screw and post are placed in first before the dentist finishes off the process on the tooth with a cap or crown.

2. What is the reason for people getting dental implants?

People get dental implants because they may be missing a tooth or more than one tooth to be exact. A dental implant replaces the missing tooth or teeth as a rule. Having a missing tooth or teeth can cause problems for a person. Some of these problems do include difficulties chewing and eating.

3. How long do dental implants last for patients that get them done?

Dental implants can last up to 40 years with proper care applied to them. However, some patients have had them last a lifetime, when they do proper brushing, flossing, and follow the recommendations that are given to them with each regular dental checkup.

4. Is it painful to have dental implant surgery done?

The process of getting dental implants can prove to be painful or uncomfortable to some. Therefore, most patients can remedy this by doing one thing, and that is to use over the counter medicines such as Tylenol or Advil. Patients who have dental implants should use these over the counter medicines two to five days after the surgery has taken place. If a patient must have bone grafts done, or if they need more than one dental implant, the level of pain that may occur post-operative may increase.

5. How long does the process of dental implants take?

If a patient is only getting one implant, the process may only take up to thirty minutes to do, but if there is a more complex surgery with multiple implants that needs to be done. It may end up taking more than three to four hours to complete.

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If you think you’re a candidate dental implants, or just want more information about the procedure, feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our dental specialists. They’ll answer any additional questions you have about the process, as well as evaluating whether or not you’re a candidate for the treatment.

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