Ready to experience the Shoreline difference? Take a peek at what a day in the life at Shoreline looks like from the perspective of our team.

Hear From Our Team Members

My Shoreline experience is different than any other employers’ experience because, at Shoreline, you can tell that they really care about the success of each employee. They take the time to coach each team member individually to make sure they are set up for success. In addition to the bootcamp, they continue to coach the individual employee throughout the time with the dental practice… Lastly, they make it so the culture around the office is always a positive one. Each person enjoys hitting their daily, weekly, and monthly goals because it shows that they contributed to such a successful dental practice.

This organization defines success by allowing all walks of life (meaning dental and non dental related people) to be able to work in a healthy work environment. Most people have never experienced working at a place like this and come out and develop into wonderful people and employees. It is so neat to be on the leadership/development side of this business to see the growth in each of our employees over time. Also, it is neat to see a group of women genuinely wanting to be here and working together to achieve success in our personal and professional settings and cheering each other on along the way (good and bad).

I feel this organization defines success by the drive/work ethic and happiness of their employees in addition to the returning and loyal patients that continue to refer family and friends.

Patients can see and feel the palpable comradeship and team work that Shoreline exudes. Our overall clinical success is being able to provide exceptional and consistent patient care-with unmatched excellence and compassion.

Success at Shoreline Dental Studio is helping change the lives of those in our community one smile at a time. Success is being diligent in our work and findings to ensure our patients stay healthy and well taken care of

Shoreline strives to create an atmosphere that allows each team member the opportunity to become a better version of themselves and to have integrity in all that you do both at home and at work

Shoreline team 2022