Visiting the dentist is rarely a pleasurable situation for most people. With the multitude of reasons to see a dentist, including root canals and painful surgical procedures, we’re not surprised to see that just over 60% of us actually visit a dentist regularly. However, the percentage of people who wish for cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening and straightening, is a much higher number and over half of the population have already received cosmetic dentistry. Having a beautiful, white, and healthy smile is a fantastic asset in your professional and personal life. Dr. Ritzau is highly experienced with executing the necessary steps for your perfect set of pearly whites, as well as having a fantastic staff of educated individuals dedicated to making your experience a memorable and comfortable one.We’ve researched and compiled the top 3 most beneficial reasons to receive cosmetic dentistry to consider the next time you’re scheduling an appointment:

If they look healthy, they will stay healthy.
Sometimes getting a smaller cosmetic dentistry procedure, like Zoom whitening, can greatly improve your overall oral health. By having a smile that you appreciate, it will become easier to consistently take care of it by brushing and flossing. Having a beautiful smile boosts self confidence and social connection with others. Have the ripple effect of health transform your lifestyle. If you want to have a healthy smile for life and find it difficult to start, let our office give you a kick start!Cosmetic Dentistry San Clemente CA

Improve your dental health relationship.
Humans are no stranger to the drawbacks of painful dental procedures. If you struggle with decaying teeth, or missing a few teeth in the same place, you would benefit by receiving cosmetic dentistry to correct it. By scheduling an in-depth repairing procedure, such as inlays to repair damaged teeth, you can remove the potential for these unsightly chompers giving you any trouble in the future. You need not fear the dentist, or be embarrassed to visit, any longer!

Prevent future dental complications.
There are many other options available for your teeth that can smooth out and straighten your smile. These procedures exist to improve how your teeth settle, adjust and position an off center bite, and even prevent future issues with grinding teeth or potential chipping teeth from repeated contact over time.

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