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Best Snacks for Your Smile on Super Bowl Sunday

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The Super Bowl is a great time to bring family and friends together. Regardless of if you love football or are in it for the commercials, there’s nothing like the festivities involved with watching the game. What should you do to make sure you’re smile is happy after Super Bowl Sunday? Beyond keeping up your current dental routine, here are some of the best snacks your San Clemente dentist at Shoreline Dental recommends.


Dip is a great snack because it isn’t going to be packed with sugar and it won’t affect the enamel on your teeth. Whether you go with standard ranch or make up a spicy speciality dip, there’s no way you can go wrong here. Pair it off with healthy veggies and everyone will be happy.

Meat and Cheese Tray

There are a few different benefits when it comes to the meat and cheese tray. First off, the meat and cheese are soft, yet it will not stick in between your teeth like other treats (although you should still floss later that evening). Plus, cheese comes packed with calcium, so you’ll strengthen your teeth as you snack.


Salsa is one of the healthiest snack options you can go with. It’s basically nothing more than tomatoes, peppers, garlic and a few odds and ends (depending on the salsa you go with or make). If you pair it with chips you will need to make sure and brush as the chip crumbs can lodge in between teeth easily. However, when you’re looking for a combination of great Super Bowl snack and a healthy option, there’s really no way to beat this.

Fruit Salad

Home made fruit salads are great because you can pick what you put in it. This way, you won’t need to worry about opening up the frozen bag and finding 2/3 of it is undesirable melon balls. It’s better if you use fresh fruit here when possible, but if you can’t, make sure the frozen bags of fruit do not contain any added sugar.

Following the big game, if you have any dental needs, make sure to give the San Clemente dentist team at Shoreline Dental a call. From regularly scheduled cleanings to much more extensive procedures, everything your mouth requires is offered at Shoreline Dental.

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