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This Sunday, we visited Tom at the San Clemente Historical Society’s booth on Avenida Del Mar. He can be found there the first Sunday of every month for San Clemente’s Art walk and Farmers Market. This monthly event is where many vendors come out to connect with the community and sell their wares. Tom has been with the historical society for almost 4 years, and enjoys selling vintage photographs and sharing stories of San Clemente’s, rich historical culture. Tom showed me a photo from 1983 when an unexpected storm knocked 300ft off the end of the San Clemente Pier, and says that it is a favorite of local passersby. He also occasionally writes a column in the San Clemente Times entitled “Historical Happenings”. You can read some of them here:

We gifted Tom with a festive Chicago Cubs themed gift basket, complete with Cubs travel cooler, Wrigley Field memorabilia, and snacks you may enjoy at a baseball game. He has been a Cubs baseball fan for over 70 years (longer than he cares to admit) although he rarely gets back east to see the games. He does remember enjoying his time at Wrigley Field 20 years ago, and agrees that he is long overdue for a visit.

Tom enjoys coming to Shoreline Dental Studio where he can catch up with his hygienist and fellow Cubs fan, Meghan. He loves the customer service that he receives while in our office! We selected Tom as Patient of the Month, not only because he continues to refer new patients to our office, but because he is aware how dental health can affect his overall health. He tells us about a baseball pitcher who was complaining that his arm hurt, and it ended up being dental related. Once said Pitcher had his dental work addressed, his arm pain mysteriously felt better. We continue to hear similar stories in our office.

Tom and his wife Domonique refer patients to Shoreline Dental Studio often, even his “booth mate” Larry mentions that HIS wife is a patient of ours. Thanks Tom, for the continued referrals, and congratulations on being selected as April’s “Patient of the Month”!

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