156336-425x283-kids-trick-or-treatTrick-or-Treat! It’s that time of year again and while your children may be anxious to fill their buckets to the brim with Halloween goodies, you might be sitting back in fear thinking of the possible cavities to come. But don’t get spooked just yet! We have a set of tips and tricks to get you ready for the candy onslaught and keep your little ones from future toothaches. Halloween doesn’t only have to be about candy. By focusing on other Halloween festivities, like decorations and games, you can deter some of the attention away from candy as a cavity culprit.
1. Set a “Treat Time”

Before the festivities begin, create a set of rules and guidelines prior to trick-or-treating for your children. Let them know when they are allowed to snack on their treats to minimize surprises later down the road. Doing so can minimize the amount of candy they eat throughout the day. You can also help by swishing mouths with water post-treat snack to wash away sugars that may otherwise stick to teeth.

2. Get a Smaller Bucket

Try downsizing the amount of treats this year by downsizing your child’s treat bag. A simple fix to reducing their sugar intake is just taking away the amount they’ll have. You can even make this a fun activity by taking away the attention from candy and bringing it to decorating a treat bag your children will be proud of!

3. Pay Attention to the Type of Candy

Certain treats are better for your teeth than others. If possible, stick to chocolate as it dissolves much quicker. Opting for darker chocolate can also be a great option. Some of the worst candies for teeth are sour, chewy, and hard as they tend to stay in the mouth longer and allow the sugars to stick to teeth.

4. Eat a Treat With A Meal

Eating candy along with a meal can help clean out your mouth as it increases saliva production. By brushing and flossing afterwards, you can help minimize the chance of sugar staying in your mouth. Keeping your meals balanced and healthy will also keep everyone full and less likely to binge on those Halloween treats.

5. Get a Halloween Toothbrush

As part of their trick-or-treat goodies, give your child a Halloween-themed toothbrush. Not only will your child love picking out a new color or their favorite cartoon character, but it can create excitement to brush their teeth after snacking on those sweets!

We hope you have a fun-filled Halloween weekend! Be sure to pay attention to your Halloween goodies this year and if you have any questions or concerns come visit Dr. Ritzau at Shoreline Dental Studio.

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