This FUN loving guy is our patient of the Month, Johnny!

We were especially happy to celebrate this month not only because Johnny is such a good patient, but he has such an inspiring story. Many years of drug and alcohol abuse left him with an unhealthy mouth and many dental issues. After getting sober, he knew that it was important to address his dental status, but was feeling down and depressed about his smile. He decided to pick up the phone and found Shoreline Dental Studio through his insurance provider.

Upon his first visit, his hygienist Adrianne made him feel at ease enough to share his story with her. She felt compelled to help, and donated financially to his cause. Fast forward, Johnny has a new smile and has gained the confidence to go back to school! He is on track to get his GED which he hopes to accomplish by the end of this year. He plans on continuing his schooling and looks forward to counseling others who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. He has been sober for just over 2 years, and one of the first things he decided to do was get his teeth fixed. It’s nice to hear that his dental health is a priority for him.

Johnny works at the neighborhood Ralphs, located on El Camino Real and can usually be found working behind the Deli counter at Ralphs. It is nice to see his smiling face walking around, so eager to help anyone in need. We surprised him with a “Class of 2019” back to school themed bucket filled with necessary items to set him up for success in his new educational adventure. Congratulations Johnny, we are so proud of you!

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