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How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

Most people don’t like having to take time out of their day to make doctor’s office visits, but they are often necessary. You should consider making regularly scheduled visits to the dentist, instead of only making an appointment when something goes wrong. The truth is that those regular visits can often stop dental problems before they even get started. So… how often do you need to get into the dentist’s chair? The truth is that you should visit your dentist every six months. Regular visits are very important to the health of your teeth and gums, even if you are implementing good oral health care at home.

  • Tooth Decay – Even great brushing and flossing regimens can’t always stop tooth decay or enamel erosion. Regular dental services will catch small problems like cavities and repair them before they become bigger issues like tooth loss.
  • Plaque Build-up – This sticky stuff that hardens and causes tooth decay, pain and gum issues needs to be removed by professional dental services before it causes extensive damage to the teeth and gums.
  • Gum Disease – Many people have gingivitis and surprisingly, quite a few of them don’t even know it. Regular trips to your dentist can identify and treat gum disease before it can lead to bigger problems.
  • Other Issues – Your dental services may also include quick exams for jaw and/or neck problems and your dentist may even be able to document damage from diseases like diabetes.

You should make a dental services appointment as soon as possible if it has been longer than six months since you’ve been seen, regardless of your dental hygiene regimen. Just because you don’t feel any pain or sensitivity doesn’t mean that you do not have possible dental issues and it’s always preferable to treat them as soon as possible.

Dr. Kristen Ritzau, DDS

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What to Expect With Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a technique used by dentists to relax and calm patients for dental procedures. During sedation, patients can expect a very safe, comfortable experience. This type of sedation is perfect for many people, those who feel anxiety over going to the dentist, especially those who get nervous when having dental procedures performed. Because so many people feel this anxiety, more and more dentists are being trained in sedation. Dr. Kristen Ritzau is one of those skilled professionals and frequently uses sedation medications to calm her patients (medications have been subjected to rigorous study and tests, showing no ill side effects).Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Ritzau simply administers the medication by mouth, leaving patients fully alert, able to respond to all questions, but made to feel comfortable. Patients' blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels are monitored during the course of the treatment. Patients will never be left alone while undergoing sedation.

After a patient has been properly sedated, local anesthetic is given, because the sedatives in sedation dentistry do not actually block pain. The local anesthetics are typically needed for a patient's comfort. The dental work is then performed. After the sedative is over, patients will gradually become more alert and their IVs are removed.  When they are responsive enough, they are released to go home. A family member or friend will need to drive them home.

Typically, sedation dentistry patients are asked to take it easy, and rest, for the remainder of the day. It's a great reason to settle in, watch some Netflix and just enjoy some time off! Call Dr. Ritzau today to see if sedation dentistry is the right solution to help calm your fears of going to the dentist!