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How Important is your Smile?

veneers-largeIs a nice smile about more than looking nice? Yes. A smile is a wordless expression anyone can use to connect. But at risk of stating the obvious, it’s nice to look nice.

Enter cosmetic dentistry. In our book (and most other books, too) your smile is the hands-down most important part of your appearance to invest in. A bright, well-aligned smile is powerful. It exudes confidence. And most importantly, an uninhibited, beautiful smile shows people who you really are.  

At Kristen Ritzau’s Dental Office, we have extensive experience with:

  • Veneers
  • Implants
  • Natural-looking porcelain dental crowns and bridges
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored composite fillings

Of course, a list of dental jargon isn’t really what you want. You want to know what cosmetic dentistry can do for you. And which treatments are the best choice for your unique situation.

You’re in luck:


Veneers can change your smile significantly in a few short days. During the process, porcelain dental veneers are custom fitted over your real teeth and the color, shape and length of your teeth can be completely changed, customized to your perfect smile.

Dental implants:

If you’ve lost teeth due to an injury, illness, or if certain teeth are simply beyond repair, dental implants are the solution for you.  They look, feel and function just like your own teeth.

Porcelain Crowns:

Are your teeth fractured, over filled or damaged? Porcelain crowns are a natural-looking alternative to metal crowns. The porcelain covering adds strength and a natural look.  You can blend color, change shape and rebuild what was lost.

Dental bonding:

If you have an individual tooth that has lost a small amount of structure, has decay or an old mercury filling; or if you have several front teeth that are off just a bit, Dr. Ritzau can use a realistic-looking tooth colored bonding material to repair your tooth/teeth and make your smile like new and a bit on!

Teeth Whitening:

Ah, white teeth. We wouldn’t dream of finishing our article without touching on this fundamental. Too much coffee or tea, perhaps? Or simply tired of a less-than-bright smile? Dr. Ritzau and her expert staff can give you bright, white teeth in one visit that will make a profound difference in how you show the world who you are.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs At Home Whitening

Teeth are prone to staining or becoming discolored for a variety of reasons, including smoking, improper dental hygiene and drinking coffee or tea frequently. With many home and professional teeth whitening options available, people no longer have to live with discolored or stained teeth. Home kits can seem more convenient and less expensive, but professional whitening procedures and products offer more benefits. They Work Faster

Kristen Ritzau, DDS offers professional teeth whitening options, such as Zoom! technology, which produces much faster results than kits that can be bought at drugstores. Those who choose professional whitening often notice improvements shortly afterwards, while those who use home kits generally have to wait weeks before their teeth start to become whiter.

They Produce Better Results

Home kits are very limited when it comes to making teeth whiter. They’re often ineffective for teeth that are badly stained or discolored. The professional whiteners offered by Kristen Ritzau, DDS contain a higher amount of hydrogen peroxide, which make teeth that much whiter. Some of these products and procedures, such as laser treatments, are even effective at getting rid of heavy stains or discoloring and making teeth 10 to 12 shades lighter.

They’re More Comfortable

Whitening products sold at drugstores can cause gum or tooth sensitivity when they’re not applied the right way or used as directed. Kristen Ritzau, DDS and her team have years of experience providing professional teeth whitening, which minimizes the risk of these unpleasant side effects. Dr. Ritzau's practice is the perfect place to visit before the holidays to get that sparkly white smile you've been dreaming of!