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Distinctive Dentistry: Book Release Party and Book Signing

Distinctive Dentistry: Book Release Party and Book Signing

After many months of hard work, we are excited to finally make our big announcement!

Dr Kristen Ritzau is proud to release her new book Distinctive Dentistry: Obtaining an Unparalleled Dental Experience and a Healthy Smile for Life.

Patients and public alike are invited to attend her Book Release Party and Book Signing on Wednesday May 30th at 6pm at Shoreline Dental Studio. Appetizers and drinks will be served to those in attendance and raffle prizes will be given away. The books, which retail on for $14.95, will be available for $10 each and Dr Ritzau will be available to sign copies for guests.

What You Need to Know About Your Gum Heath

It is important to maintain good gum health, for a number of reasons. Gum disease affects one's overall health, from heart disease to bone loss.  Keeping one's teeth clean can actually improve the health of the entire body. There are three things to keep in mind when thinking about gum health:

  • A regular dental checkup actually includes a screening for signs of oral cancer. It is a serious dental disease that pertains to not just the mouth, but the lips and  throat as well. It is usually curable, but only if it's diagnosed and treated in its early stages, making it very important to get regular dental checkups. Visit Dr. Kristen Ritzau, a San Clemente dentist, for a free consultation and check-up.
  • Additionally, note that bad breath can be a result of poor dental health. Over 85 percent of those who have bad breath actually have a dental condition that is to blame for their bad breath.  Mouthwash does not cure bad breath, it only masks it.  Brushing the teeth and tongue, as well as flossing regularly can combat bad breath, but it is always best to speak with a dentist like Dr. Kristen Ritzau about any concerns about your oral health.
  • Poor dental health like stained and yellowing teeth could be a sign of a poor diet.  Sugar from foods and soft drinks combine with oral bacteria to produce acids in the mouth that can actually attack tooth enamel. This is what leads to both cavities and gum disease.  If one has either, or both, of these conditions, it would be wise to evaluate diet. Limit soft drinks, candy and other foods that are high in sugar in order to maintain good dental health. And most importantly, make a visit to the dentist to get those stains removed before they create permanent damage to your gums.

Dental problems will not go away without the proper treatment.  Seeing a dentist every 6 months is imperative for maintaining good oral health. Make an appointment with Dr. Kristen Ritzau today to keep your gums healthy and get an update on your oral health!

Gum Disease

Quality Dental Care in San Clemente, CA

Most people know to see the dentist twice a year, but it turns out that visits may be much more necessary than that. A study published in the Journal of Dental Research showed that people with no risk factors could get by with as little as one visit annually, while those with multiple risk factors might need to see their dentist more than the recommended twice per year. The study concludes that how often a person sees their dentist is very individual. Dr. William V. Giannobile, the study's author and chairman of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry's department of periodontics, says the main takeaway is that "each patient needs to be treated in their own individual way." For this reason it's important for patients to be consistent in which dentist they choose to visit. A dentist may become a long-term relationship, someone seen several times per year for many years. Dr. Ritzau’s dental office in San Clemente is the perfect setting to make your trips to the dentist more comfortable.

It’s important to have a person you can trust and are comfortable around, and Dr. Ritzau is the friendly face you can count on with the expertise and background to put you at ease. After all, most patients will see their dentist for much more than just the annual checkups. There may be fillings, root canals, braces, and any number of other procedures that can be downright terrifying for many patients, particularly when taking place at unfamiliar surroundings.

Come to a dentist who was born and raised in San Clemente, one who has been involved in the community their entire life, and you'll see how comfortable a visit to the dentist's office can really be. Call us today at (949) 498-4110 to schedule your consultation!

The team at Kristen Ritzau, DDS in San Clemente, CA