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What is the Best Way to Prevent Cavities?

This Valentine's Day, don't forget to make dental cavity prevention a top priority! With all of that delicious candy that will be passed around, it is easy to forget about the importance of brushing, after every meal (if possible) and especially after sugary snacks, like that heart-shaped chocolate!valentines-chocolate The ADA says that brushing after eating foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars is key to avoiding cavities. Brush within 20 minutes of that chocolaty snack in order to avoid the creation of certain bacteria in your mouth. If you brush right after you eat your Valentine's candy, you will help get rid of all that harmful bacteria before it can attack, and damage, your tooth enamel.

Additionally, make sure you are using an ADA-accepted variety of fluoride toothpaste. These contain the fluoride that is needed to prevent tooth decay. The ADA-accepted varieties of toothpaste also have triclosan in them, which will work to reduce both plaque and gingivitis.

It is Valentine's Day, so there will be chocolate, but just be mindful of your teeth. Try to practice good dental cavity protection by brushing your teeth after every meal. Remember you can keep those teeth white and healthy by visiting Dr. Kristen Ritzau for a dental check-up after indulging in all of the sugary Valentine treats! 949-234-6850.