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5 Tips to Get a Photo-Ready Smile

Shoreline_dental_team It’s that time of year again when friends and families come together, camera ready to document the festivities about to take place. Don’t be camera shy this year! We’ve come up with some tips to get your smile shining bright for all those holiday pictures.

1.Use a Whitening Toothpaste

Who doesn’t love their morning cup of coffee or a nice glass of red wine? Sometimes the things we love aren’t always best for a white smile. Incorporating a whitening toothpaste into your dental hygiene regimen can keep stains at bay. While not a permanent solution, whitening toothpaste can still act as a quick boost to protect your smile.

2. Use an Electric Toothbrush

Sometimes cleaning with a simple, manual toothbrush just isn’t enough. An electric toothbrush can help take away some human error. Our team uses Sonicare toothbrushes because they really help maintain clean, healthy teeth. With rotating heads and a stable pressure an electric toothbrush ensures each tooth is receiving the right amount of attention. Some devices even allow you to set a timer so you know you’re getting enough brushing time in. This is a great way to brighten your smile with a simple, everyday switch.

3. Wear the Right Lipstick

Wearing the right shade of lipstick can boost any smile! If you want your smile to look whiter, opt for shades that contain a blue hue. Red lipstick brings contrast that can help make your smile appear brighter. Putting on a glossy finish can also make teeth look shinier because of the light reflection.


4. Whiten Your Teeth

Knock friends and family out of their holiday socks with a white and bright smile to showcase in all those photos. Our team offers two types of whitening: in-office, or at-home treatment. We let you choose your teeth whitening preferences by giving you the best

With our in-office treatment, we use Zoom! Advanced Whitening that works in just an hour! This is the perfect option if you’re looking to brighten your smile quickly before the holiday season.

The at-home treatment offers you a more gradual process and the luxury of whitening your teeth in the privacy of your own home. With a custom mold for your teeth, you can use the whitening solution daily and see results in about two weeks.

5. Get Veneers

When your smile is especially discolored, fractured, or worn down, porcelain veneers are a fantastic way to dramatically change your smile! At Shoreline Dental Studio, we are experts in creating custom made porcelain veneers that fit perfectly to your existing teeth. With two appointments over the course of two weeks, porcelain veneers can get your holiday smile picture perfect. Whether it’s getting your teeth whitened for those holiday photos, or getting a spiffed-up cleaning, your San Clemente dentist at Shoreline Dental Studios is here to help!

Keep Your Breath Fresh for Your Valentine

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lots of kissing happens in the month of love, and you don’t want to pass on a smooch because you’re worried about your bad breath. You want to keep your mouth kissable with good oral hygiene. While there are some cases when you’re bad breath may be emanating from your stomach, 80 percent of bad breath is actually caused by the millions of bacteria that live in your mouth. You actually have more bacteria in your mouth than you do cells in your body. Keep your halitosis at bay with these important oral health tips.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth (AND TONGUE) twice daily using a toothpaste that contains fluoride. The grooves and ridges on your tongue can trap bacteria, which then excrete a bad odor.  It’s important to brush the entire surface of the tongue, even near your tonsils. Flossing at least once a day will get the hidden particles of food that can contribute to bad breath.

Drink More Water

Prevent dry mouth (xerostomia) by drinking plenty of water. Think about how you feel in the morning after sleeping all night with your mouth open. Gross! Staying hydrated will help. A quick rinse after a glass of red wine will also help keep your teeth white. Valentines-Smile

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Regular dental visits are important, too. Decaying teeth can give off a serious odor that no one loves. Regular cleanings will get rid of plaque and tartar below the gum line that you might not even realize is there, preventing decay and giving your mouth a thorough cleaning.

If you just can’t resist the complementary garlic rolls it’s ok to use a quick fix. Just make sure the gum you chew or the mint you suck on contains xylitol, which has actually been proven to reduce tooth decay. Also the mere act of chewing gum causes your mouth to produce extra saliva that washes away bacteria and food particles.

Keep these tips in mind and there wont be anything between you and your valentine’s kisses. Come to Kristen Ritzau’s office for a cleaning and checkup during the month of love![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

New Laser at the Office: EPIC from BIOLASE

Kristen Ritzau, DDS is happy to announce a new sensitive gums-friendly offering: EPIC. EPIC is a diode laser from BIOLASE that is used for soft-tissue surgery, teeth whitening, and pain therapy. The laser provides ultimate precision control for tissue cutting, which makes for a cleaner incision and can help speed healing time and pain. It also reduces thermal damage that is caused when using lasers, making you more comfortable during and after the procedure.

The whitening component can whiten teeth 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes of treatment time - faster than any other in-office whitening systems.

We’re committed to providing you with the least-invasive treatments available on the market. We strive to make your visit as comfortable and quick as possible. Come in and make an appointment today!



Teeth Whitening This Holiday

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]San Clemente’s homegrown dentist knows how important a pearly white smile is to overall happiness. Kristen Ritzau, DDS wants to make this holiday season one to remember. Start making memories with an unforgettable, brilliant sparkle of a smile. Forget about using expensive whitening toothpastes or those store bought sticky films and crazy contraptions. Save money with a single investment on a professional teeth whitening session with Dr. Ritzau. Beyond enjoying the glisten of a white-toothed smile, other benefits of a brighter smile include: Holiday Teeth Whitening

  • More youthful appearance
  • More frequent smiling
  • An increase in self-confidence

Discoloration of tooth enamel may come in a variety of shades and colors. From off-white, to yellow, to grey, the discoloration and unappealing appearance may be caused by either extrinsic discoloration or intrinsic discoloration. Extrinsic discoloration is in the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. Spotting, pits, streaks, and tinting are common problems found in extrinsic enamel discoloration. Intrinsic discoloration takes place in the inner structure of the tooth, inside the dentin. Dentin discoloration most often occurs in yellow or gray tints.

Dr. Ritzau’s patients will usually be seen for whitening techniques effective for the extrinsic discoloration described above. Several factors play a role in extrinsic discolorations. Below is a list of problematic instigators for staining, discoloration, and tinting.

Drinking carbonated beverages - Carbonated beverages can wear down the enamel while dark colored sodas can tinge the teeth shades darker. Combining carbonation with dark food/beverage coloring can be a problem for habitual soda beverage drinkers.

Cigarette and tobacco use - Smoking cigarettes and chewing snuff or using chewing tobacco allow for tar to build up on tooth enamel and cause unsightly yellow stains.

Coffee, tea, and tea - Combine the heat of coffee with the naturally occurring Polyphenols and teeth are susceptible to yellowing from the tannins. Tannin, tannins, and Tannic Acid are responsible for enamel discoloration and are naturally found in coffee, tea, and wine.

Flouride - That’s right, Flouride can actually cause tooth discoloration. The over-consumption of Flouride is known as Fluorosis and is visible as white, chalky discolorations or brown marks. The brown marks appear as lines, spots, or patches.

Certain medications - Certain medications, particularly antibiotics, are known to produce permanent discoloration.

The good news is that with these unsightly, problematic situations of tooth enamel discoloration and staining, professional teeth whitening can dramatically improve a smile. Call today to schedule your holiday appointment![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What Is the Best Toothpaste to Use?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With all the toothpastes available on the market it can be a daunting task trying to pick out which paste is best to use. Choosing the best toothpaste involves knowing the type of oral health you have. Once that is determined, the right oral care product can be chosen successfully. You can determine which toothpaste is right by visiting Kristen Ritzau DDS for a recommendation, or by using the guide below. Which toothpastes are best? 

As mentioned, the best toothpaste to use depends on your oral health. If cavity prevention is important, cavity protection toothpaste might be best. If bad breath is a problem, toothpaste that kills bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath might be a better option. When looking to keep all aspects of the mouth healthy, a whole oral care toothpaste is a better choice. Some other examples are:

  • Fluoride Toothpaste: A paste with fluoride offers tooth decay prevention by making the enamel and dentin of the teeth stronger and more resistant against bacteria, stains, and acids.
  • Baking Soda Toothpaste: For scrubbing away stains, tartar build-up and debris from the teeth a baking soda based toothpaste is a great option. Baking soda helps a paste become more abrasive so it can scrub the teeth clean effectively, but gently. Best-Toothpaste
  • Detergent Toothpaste: Scrubbing the teeth clean can be difficult, but with toothpaste that contains a detergent in it such as sodiumlauryl sulfate, brushing the teeth clean is much easier. This is because a detergent helps break up the food particles between and on the teeth. However, many people are allergic to detergent toothpastes, which results in a reaction that causes painful canker sores.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Toothpaste: Keeping the teeth white and bright is important to most people. A hydrogen peroxide based paste isbest for achieving a whiter smile because the peroxide acts as a natural bleaching agent that removes stains while killing harmful bacteria.

End Notes for Choosing the Best Toothpaste

Once the best toothpaste is determined for your individual oral care needs, then the toothpaste with the flavor and texture desired for keeping your entire mouth healthy can be chosen. Some of the flavor options are: mint, citrus, bubblegum and cinnamon, and texture options are paste, gel or powder. Consult Kristen Ritzau DDS at your next dental appointment if you have questions about which toothpaste is best for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Walk Down the Aisle With a Beautiful Smile

You want to look your best all the time. But some occasions call for extra special attention to your appearance, and one of the times when this is the most true is on your wedding day. All eyes will be on you, and you want to make sure that your look is absolutely flawless. One crucial aspect of your appearance that you don't want to overlook is your smile! Because you will be photographed more on your wedding day than on any other day, a beautiful smile is a must-have. Here are some cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you improve the quality of your smile before you walk down the aisle. Teeth Whitening

A bright, white smile not only makes your overall appearance look better, it also makes you look younger and healthier. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most affordable forms of cosmetic dentistry, and you can see big results quickly.

Porcelain Veneers

If you need a little more help creating the most beautiful smile possible for your wedding day and beyond, porcelain veneers are an excellent, long-lasting way to get major results. Porcelain veneers are permanently bonded to your own teeth and can fill in gaps, fix misaligned or broken teeth and cover up discolored teeth as well. Invisalign_Wedding_Smile_Kristen_Ritzau_Dentist

Enamel Shaping

If your teeth are misshapen or have chips or minor bumps, enamel shaping can be a very effective way to create more symmetrical and attractively aligned teeth.


If you missed out on braces when you were younger, it's never too late. Invisalign is the clear and attractive alternative to metal braces, and can be worn by adults. Although this form of cosmetic dentistry is not the shortest route to a more beautiful smile, it is definitely worth considering if you have a longer engagement period and want to look your best when walking down the aisle.

In addition to shopping for a dress and choosing a venue, make sure one of your early stops in your wedding planning process is to see Kristen Ritzau, DDS. Dr. Ritzau will work with you to make sure you have a beautiful smile when you walk down the aisle! (949) 234-6850

Our New and Improved Office!

We've been hard at work over the past few months, turning our old office into a newly remodeled space that our patients can enjoy! Stop by for a visit or call our office to make your next dental appointment! (949) 234-6850 Here's what our office looks like now:


RitzauDentist-40 RitzauDentist-41 RitzauDentist-44 RitzauDentist-54 RitzauDentist-60 RitzauDentist-64


Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Visiting the dentist is rarely a pleasurable situation for most people. With the multitude of reasons to see a dentist, including root canals and painful surgical procedures, we're not surprised to see that just over 60% of us actually visit a dentist regularly. However, the percentage of people who wish for cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening and straightening, is a much higher number and over half of the population have already received cosmetic dentistry. Having a beautiful, white, and healthy smile is a fantastic asset in your professional and personal life. Dr. Ritzau is highly experienced with executing the necessary steps for your perfect set of pearly whites, as well as having a fantastic staff of educated individuals dedicated to making your experience a memorable and comfortable one.We've researched and compiled the top 3 most beneficial reasons to receive cosmetic dentistry to consider the next time you're scheduling an appointment:

If they look healthy, they will stay healthy. Sometimes getting a smaller cosmetic dentistry procedure, like Zoom whitening, can greatly improve your overall oral health. By having a smile that you appreciate, it will become easier to consistently take care of it by brushing and flossing. Having a beautiful smile boosts self confidence and social connection with others. Have the ripple effect of health transform your lifestyle. If you want to have a healthy smile for life and find it difficult to start, let our office give you a kick start!Cosmetic Dentistry San Clemente CA

Improve your dental health relationship. Humans are no stranger to the drawbacks of painful dental procedures. If you struggle with decaying teeth, or missing a few teeth in the same place, you would benefit by receiving cosmetic dentistry to correct it. By scheduling an in-depth repairing procedure, such as inlays to repair damaged teeth, you can remove the potential for these unsightly chompers giving you any trouble in the future. You need not fear the dentist, or be embarrassed to visit, any longer!

Prevent future dental complications. There are many other options available for your teeth that can smooth out and straighten your smile. These procedures exist to improve how your teeth settle, adjust and position an off center bite, and even prevent future issues with grinding teeth or potential chipping teeth from repeated contact over time.

We support our clients and their smiles. Contact us today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Oral Hygiene During Pregnancy

A woman's body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Among these changes are increases in hormone levels, which can make dental problems worse. Relatively minor dental problems can become markedly worse if preventive steps are not taken. The Importance of Good Dental Health During PregnancyPregnancy and Oral Hygiene

The dental problems that a woman may face during pregnancy include:

  • Tooth enamel damage
  • Tooth decay
  • Oral tumors
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis

Good oral hygiene during pregnancy is important for both the mother and the fetus. Research suggests that the bacteria that causes periodontitis can also get into the mother's bloodstream and affect the unborn child. It is believed that periodontitis can cause babies to be born prematurely and with low birth weight. Periodontitis is one of the problems that can result from variations in progesterone and estrogen levels that occur during pregnancy.

Tips for Ensuring Dental Health During Pregnancy Fortunately, there are ways to avoid having dental problems while pregnant; good oral hygiene is key. Pregnant women should:

  • Get dental examinations regularly; women who are expecting should be sure to inform Kristen Ritzau DDS that they are pregnant.
  • Exercise good dental hygiene, including regular brushing (with fluoride toothpaste) and flossing; toothbrushes should be replaced every three months.
  • Use a mouth rinse formulated to rid the mouth of microbes that can cause diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis; the rinse should not contain alcohol.
  • Use chewing gums or other products that contain xylitol; these may be used to reduce bacteria in the mouth that can result in tooth decay.
  • Take steps to prevent tooth enamel damage from exposure to stomach acid. Morning sickness is a common part of pregnancy for many women and vomiting exposes the tooth enamel to stomach acid, which can cause cavities; using a mouth rinse containing baking soda can neutralize the acid and protect teeth.
  • Avoid dental treatments during the first trimester and during the latter half of the third trimester if possible. While emergency treatments are permissible, the safest time to have these procedures performed is during the second trimester.
  • Avoid foods that contain high amounts of sugar.
  • Drink water regularly throughout the day.
  • Avoid dental x-rays when pregnant, except for dental emergencies.

It is a good idea to plan ahead and take care of dental issues prior to becoming pregnant. Kristen Ritzau DDS can assess your dental health prior to and during your pregnancy. Call today for a consultation (949) 238-6850!

Dental Tips For Summer Vacation

During summer vacation, you can say goodbye to your workday routine and all your worries, but you should never neglect your dental hygiene. After all, you use your teeth every single day and your smile should never be on vacation. It's important to keep up your brushing and flossing regimen no matter where you are, because plaque and tooth decay never take a holiday.

Here are a few basic vacation dental tips and ways to keep your smile clean and healthy when you go on holiday, but the most important thing to bring along is a can-do attitude. Even though your daily routine is cast aside and you laze around aimlessly most of the time, your teeth and gums should never be neglected. Make a point of sticking to your dental hygiene schedule, even it seems like "work" to you.

Be Prepared For Anything And Everything

The last thing you want to do on vacation is spend valuable time searching for a local dentist in a strange place, so do a little homework before you leave. Even though the odds of having a dental emergency while on vacation are admittedly quite slim, it pays to be prepared for anything, so please keep these dental tips in mind. vacation smile dentist san clemente

Confirm with your dental insurance carrier to see if there will be any in-network providers at your destination, and what their policy is regarding emergency coverage. Don't forget to take your insurance card and keep it with your important travel documents.

See Kristen Ritzau DDS Before You Leave

It's always a good idea to schedule a dental appointment before your vacation, especially if you haven't been to Dr. Ritzau's office lately. It is so much easier to fix minor problems at home before they flare up in an unfamiliar city.

Air travel is stressful on your teeth because of the air pressure changes, and sensitive teeth may start to ache at higher altitudes. Dr. Ritzau will double-check all of your filling, caps and implants so they don't fall out unexpectedly.

Don't Forget To Floss

Along with these dental tips, you'll need to pack ALL of your dental hygiene items like toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste and mouthwash. Sticking to your daily dental care regimen when you're on vacation takes a little more willpower than usual, but it's absolutely necessary if you want a bright smile.

After all, vacations are definitely something to smile about.