Here at Shoreline Dental Studio, we have the latest Digital X-Ray technology that allows the Doctors to have high-quality, instantaneous imagery for diagnosis and minimizes exposure to the patients for their safety.

Radiation from digital X-rays can be as little as 10 percent of what patients would be exposed to with film-based radiography.

Regular digital X-rays allow us to catch problems in their early stages and to treat them with more conservative treatment methods. When left unnoticed and untreated, decay and fractures can quickly spread and lead to more invasive procedures, such as root canal or extractions.

Without X-rays, doctors are not able to diagnose any existing decay that might be present on the surfaces between the teeth, which is most common in adult teeth.

Here at Shoreline Dental Studio, we place a high priority on the safety of our patients and employees, and we take all the necessary and required precautions to protect all participants.


How often do I need X-Rays?

The standard of care for most patients includes an initial full series of X-rays with smaller check-up X-rays taken annually. Full series of images are taken every 5 years thereafter, and single images may be taken to help address any particular areas of concern. Some patients may require more frequent X-rays depending on a variety of risk factors.

Is the exposure safe?

Yes. Patients that take a single, cross-country airplane flight will typically expose themselves to more radiation than they will during annually dental visits.

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