Never hold back your smile! It is what connects you to other people, and it brings you closer to your loved ones. Feeling like you have to hide your smile can keep you from enjoying life’s moments.

Enhancing your smile can increase your self-confidence and completely transform your overall look. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on procedures that restore the appearance of your smile while also preserving the functionality and health of your teeth.

We offer many cosmetic dentistry services at the Shoreline Dental Studio, including, but not limited to:

You can also schedule a consultation for a complete smile makeover. Our dentist will examine your teeth and recommend personalized cosmetic treatments to completely transform your smile.


I want to change my smile. What do you suggest?

No two smiles are exactly the same. The first step towards transforming your smile is scheduling a consultation. We will listen to your concerns, exam your mouth, and create a custom plan to give you the smile you want and deserve.

What dental procedures are available to enhance my smile?

There are many cosmetic procedures that could enhance your smile depending on your individual needs. A consultation is needed in order to fully assess your smile, but we may suggest porcelain veneers to close gaps and whiten teeth, dental implants to replace missing teeth, teeth whitening to obtain a whiter shade, or Invisalign to straighten any misalignment to give you that nice, uniform smile.

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